Key aka tHe spammmmer is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Key is a keyboard key that is gray in color with a capital H at the top left.


Key is a social media addict, she always posts things whether useful or random things, she is focused on the like count.

She is also a troll online, spamming things and talking about unrelated things online, sometimes she got even banned on certain sites.

She's been known to like Minecraft and is pretty decent on it as well.

Despite being known as tHe spammmmer, Key is also a admin on an online server and she actually takes it seriously, implying that she can also take the role of a responsible object.


  • The reason why Key's title is tHe spammmmer has reasons.
    • The H is capitalized due to the letter on her.
    • The capitalized H is due to spammers sometimes capitalizing certain letters.
    • The same reason is implied for the multiple Ms. Because spammers would spam the same letter again and again.
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