Another Niko: Hey Niko Have you seen ComputerSpartan.

Niko: Yeah let Try tor

*in the Niko’s Dream*

Princess Cuphead And BFDI Rules Est 2001 #1: Hey Another Niko. I got my new look

Another Niko: No you ugly a** b**tch

*Princess Cuphead And BFDI Rules Kick Another Niko‘s Crotch*

*out the Niko’s Dream*

Niko: Sure :)

Another Niko: Hey PikachuSpartan Don’t you know wanna here? <:)

PikachuSpartan: what is the wins?

another Niko: wait

Princess Scarlet Lovelock Angel: Woah woah woah Another Niko, Get out.

Another Niko: Fine >:( *Another Niko Disappear*

Princess Cuphead And BFDI Rules Est 2001 #1: Kk

KirbyGirl 2005 And RobloxRules 2018 #1: You Guys Are Now Ok?

All: Yay!!!

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