JustPlayHockey1's Inanimate Insanity 2 camp was created on May 5th, 2013. It features 18 of the objects, with Paintbrush as the host.

JPL1's I.I 2 Camp

Camp started:

May 5th,2013



Created by:



'Ying-Yang: CatchphraseCartoons
Box: Sonicdjsdirt
Microphone: SuperNin10
Cherries: bigyoshifanbigfan kyle
Soap: Nate an Ky Dawg
Fan: malte roboter
Cheesy: LegendRock649
Knife: Shane Mayhem
Trophy: misterperfectawesome
Nickel: benjibuddy3
Apple: ThatObjectShow
Marshmallow: Crynonsminecraft
Balloon: Million Mayhem
Test Tube: JustPlayHockey1's Sister'
Tissues: mojoguy109
Suitcase: 551dareyou
Lightbulb: joebro76

Elimination Table

Contestant Placing Team 1 2
Soap - Nate an Ky Dawg 18th None OUT
Balloon - Million Mayhem 17th None OUT
Fan - malte roboter 16th Da Beasts OUT
Apple - ThatObjectShow
Baseball - Awesomecatman
Bacon -
Box - Sonicdjsdirt
Cheesy - LegendRock649
Cherries - bigyoshifanbigfan kyle
Knife - Shane Mayhem
Lightbulb - joebro76
Marshmallow - Crynonsminecraft
Microphone - SuperNin10
Nickel - benjibuddy3
Suitcase - 55Idareyou
Test Tube - userless
Tissues - mojoguy109
Trophy - misterperfectawesome
Ying-Yang - CatchphraseCartoons
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