Jigsaw, labeled The Loner, is a contestant on Object Mayhem. She was a member of Team Fishers and later the Dancing Candles. 


From episode 1-6 Jigsaw appears as a puzzle piece with grass, a sky and a half sun as her picture. As of episode 7 she has a colorful green and blue design.


Unusual But Good

In Unusual But Good, when the teams were being picked Phone asks Burrito if Sharpener and Jigsaw can join the team and he accepts.

Find it!

When Burrito violently kicks Button, Jigsaw agrees with Phone in saying it was mean for him to do so. She also exclaims that Button was the only team member that lacked arms, awkwardly leading to Sharpener stating he was armless too.

Robot Frenzy

When Burrito furiously belts Button off a cliff, Jigsaw runs in and states that what Burrito had done was not nice. She then decides to give Burrito a taste of his own "medicine" by also throwing him off the cliff.


  • Until A Space Odyssey, no one wanted to be Jigsaw's friend because she smelt like Brussell sprouts (worse than oatmeal raisin cookies), and no one liked them, so she got treated with the best smelling thing in the world to get friends for a change.
  • Jigsaw has her own pillow, as revealed in Calculator's dream - shouldn't everyone on OM have a pillow?
  • She appeared in Shape Battle In Episode 3a and 3b.
  • Jigsaw seems to be an outcast.
  • She is the only female contestant in Team Fishers.
  • She was the last member on Team Fishers to get eliminated.
  • She is the only eliminated contestant to not be hit by a bowling ball, as her elimination takes place on the moon.


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