Jewel Display aka The Emotionless is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Jewel Display is a display box with white transparent glass, her stand being gray and her jewel being white.

Her face is part of the glass and the jewel is for show, in fact, she doesn't necessarily need the jewel inside her.


Jewel Display is a quiet and introverted person who likes to keep her feelings to herself. Despite this, she is very competitive and is an ace in swordsfighting or fencing or any type of fighting challenge.

She is very quiet and doesn't like showing her emotions, in fact, there can be many emotions inside her which she doesn't want to reveal. Usually she'll either ignore others or show an uninterested face.

She doesn't mind losing her jewel, seeing that it is unimportant to her, though she does show some uneasiness if she feels her glass is going to break (as it is the thing that keeps her alive.)


  • Jewel Display wasn't an original character to begin with
    • In fact, her original character was Diamond Ore.
  • Despite being completely different from her original character, she does have some resemblance to Diamond Ore
    • Both of competitive, talented in swordsfighting and are expensive
    • Though despite this, Diamond Ore is extroverted and loves socializing with Jewel Display is the opposite.
  • Jewel Display was about to stay as Diamond Ore before the creator decided to change it.
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