him after he took off his lid.

Jar is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Jar is a transparent glass jar, shaped like a cylinder. It is fairly big, and can store some other contestants like Lego Brick. Jar also has a green lid that can be he can remove if he wants to. If he knew how to fight, it could be used as a shield, since it is rather sturdy.


Jar is a clumsy person who makes mistakes very often. Because he wants to be friends with people, he tries to be cool. However, he always fails, getting mocked for it. Since he is a huge fool, he gets harassed by Evil Blaster’s Alliance, Blue Tetramino trying to kill him on multiple occasions. However, after months of bullying, he once decided to retaliate. He was able to knock out Baked Bean and Waffle, but was then flung away by Portally.


  • He is mistaken for a girl sometimes. He laughs at people who say that, since then they are making a mistake, and not him.


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