I know, it's just a normal camp no big deal, but I should get some credit, I mean, look at the difference between Season 1 Episode 1 and my most recent episode. Big difference, much better quality. Season 2 is almost over get ready for Season 3 sign up if you're awesome. 

I'm gonna forget about Season 1 it's not worth viewing but let's take a look at Season 2. 

Spongy: Uzayr12

Snowball: Livingpryamid

Donut: Ploopy Zuki

Eraser: Flemming Peterson

Fries: Aidan Lynch

Firey: TheAJman66

Gelatin: TheSwootbatNinja

Leafy: PhythonChrystian3589

Ice Cube: Taopwhn6427

Nickel: 100dcx

Golf Ball: 555Idareyou

Pen: Friesfan3589

Pencil: jay28jay

Needle: Spartanjuan Ramizrel

Coiny: mathew543211

Dora: Koolwhip555

David: Kobe Fish

Pin: Totalanimaltheshow

Puffball: Tacoburger22

Rocky: CutterzB

Ruby: Ann Harlow

Woody: TheGokuthesaiyin

Match: TheJiggs12

Teardrop: funnyicecube alex

Tennis Ball: monstergamer20

Yellow Face: 3DSDr

 Book: rockstar2013100

Bomby: anthonyoshi

Blocky: capcap7844

Flower: carlcloverfan

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