Martian Invaders

Opening Scene

  • Young Puffball: *Throws a small rock on the broken building*

A giant piece of a building falls at Martian Invader like very brutal.

  • Young Cake: How does that even work?

The Martian Invader is still alive

  • Young Puffball: Aw, crap!

The young objects keep on running. They reach a walled-in space.

  • Young Firey: Aw crap! Dead end!
  • Young Ruby: Brace yourselves!

A gunshot is heard. The Martian Invader screeches in pain and trips over and dies. A young MePhone4 appears with a Shinsegae K7Z-80.

  • Young Firey: Huh? What happened?
  • Young MePhone4: Greetings.
  • Young Ruby: MePhone4? What are you doing here?
  • Young MePhone4: I saved your life, didn't I? These things are everywhere.

Martian War Machines/Tripods

Thunderchild Scene


Martian Flying Machines

Sky Battle Scene


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