Toilet (Cylinder Scene)

  • Firey: Sweet mother of god...

Party Hat (Nightmare Hallucination Scene)

  • *Party Hat runs away from the tripods, nearly falling off a cliff, but Shieldy catches him*
  • Shieldy: I... can't hold on much longer...
  • Party Hat: I'm slipping fast! I'm going to die! I will sacrifice myself to let you live on. Any last words to me before I die?
  • Shieldy: Don't do that, we're best friends!
  • Party Hat: I love you too... *slips and falls into the ocean, getting eaten by a shark*
  • Shieldy: Party Hat! No! We were friends! *tears up, starts crying*

Baby Bottle (Thunderchild Scene)

  • Baby Bottle: I can't fi-fight these things! *cries*
  • Scissors: Well, if you can't fight, well take this! *pushes Baby Bottle into the ocean, and she dies.
  • M&M: That was wack, yo.

Suitcase (Heat-Ray Scene)

  • Suitcase: Scissors, aren't you gonna protect me?
  • Scissors: From what? Being alive? (shoots Suitcase repeatedly, killing her) That'll do you for today.
  • Magnet: Scissors, why are you a SAVAGE?
  • Scissors: Because giant tripod things are attacking. And I want them to die. I kill whoever's too weak to fight the droids with this machine gun. Understand?
  • Magnet: Oh.

Shelly (Abduction Scene)

Shelly tries to shoot at the UFOs. She accidentally aims the gun at herself, leading to her death.

  • Firey:I told you not to shoot yourself...
  • Scissors: She is so dumb!
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