Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds: The Battle Game is a 3D war-action game.

Based On

It is based on of Jeff Wayne's War of The Worlds Game and Star Wars Battlefront.


Object Mode

The objects must save the worlds from the martians.

Meepleian Mode

The Meepleian have rescued the objects and the worlds from the martians.

Martian Mode

The Martians must destroy the worlds and the Meepleian Army.

Araxadroidian Mode

The Araxadrodian teamed up with objects and meeple and stopping the martians.

Savage Mode

Some of the object turned savage during the war. They go crazy and stop martians.


A list of Victories and Defeats.


Object Choice

Firey: (Narrator) Since, the objects saved the world together. The martians has been retreated. The living objects were cheering and had a festival with a destroyed pieces of martian machines.

Meepleian Choice

MePhone4: (Narrator) A few Meepleian and the objects win the war for saving the world together. The martians have been retreated. The Mepolis had been saved by the Meepleian Army.

Martian Choice

Narrator: (Creepy Robot Voice) The martians had won and destroyed the world. The objects has been defeated. The martians are making their own buildings of martians.

Araxadroidian Choice

Morgana: (Narrator) We saved the world. The martians had never won the war. We protected our objects and meeple.

Savage Choice

Scissors: (Narrator) We have won, and our lives are back to normal. Tripods may as well never win.


Martian Choice

Narrator: (Creepy Robot Voice) The martians would never win the war. It's too late for ending the world. We are fare died now. The Meepleian destroyed martians and machines. No longer forever.


PEGI: Pegi 12, Violence, strong language, fear.

ESRB: T for teen, violence, moderate strong language, nightmarish scenes.

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