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This fictional movie/show is funny, considering it's a comedy.

Jacknjellify's War 'n The Worlds is a black comedy based on Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds. It airs on Comedy Central.


Season 1

  1. How Did a Tripod Get Here?
  2. Lunch With a Martian
  3. Ultimate Tripod Wrestling
  4. If I Were So Screwed
  5. Ruby Sings... Or Not.
  6. What The Hell is a Handling Machine?
  7. Shelly vs. Martians
  8. Attack from Above
  9. Escape From Tomorrow (also named (Escape From The Future)
  10. She Would, or She Won't
  11. Yelling at a Martian
  12. Shut Up, Stupid Martian
  13. Shieldy's Been STOLEN!
  14. Martian Taming
  15. Objects and Flying Machines

Season 2

  1. Martian Disasters
  2. How To Train Your Tripod
  3. When Araxadroidians Attack
  4. Slime Pit Swimming
  5. Teardrop's Terrific Tripod Training
  6. 2 Martians, 1 Prey

Funniest Moments


  • Tripod Harlem Shake
  • Morgana Tries Gaming
  • Scissors VS The Fly
  • Nyan Araxordian
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