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Jacknjellify's Terminator is a science-fiction military crossover action-adventure film directed by Evan "Andre" Vizuett.

It was based on of various of Terminator movies.

Logo Variations

Jacknjellify Studios

The logo is replaced by a skull.

Skynet Studios

A robotic arm slowly comes in and takes the logo when it's done. The logo is also tinted gray.

Crossover Pictures

The logo explodes at the end.



In the past year of 2029 A.D. The Skynet invades North American which was the invasion begins. The other Terminators builds their own civilization. Later in 2030s, there was the place called Goiky.


  • United States - Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Not Confirmed

  • Jacknjellify's Terminator had never confirmed to be Rated R.


  • This contains: Bad languages, shooting plasma, bad robots, fighting, shooting stuff and most rest of Terminators.
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