Trailer 1 (The First Trailer)

*Crossover Pictures logo appears*

*Sega logo appears*

*JacknJellify logo appears*

(Mix of orchestral and "Gangsta's Paradise".)

Sonic: We are Sonics.

2020 Sonic: Also we are in the another universe.

Boom Sonic: And eat some delicious robots!

Rider Sonic: And go to festivals!

Sanic: and we like to eat some objects.

Sonic: Wrong.

E-102 ???: (Narrator) There something happening in the another universe..

Silver: (Narrator) Nobody is helpful..

Blaze: (Narrator) Over by the past..

*Cut to Death Egg nexts to Earth and Moon*

Shadow: (Narrator) Everything change will happen..

*Cut to beach while Donut sights of the G.U.N box*

Donut: Huh?

*Cut to Donut opens box sight of the many Sonics and the music stops like a DJ scratch*

2020 Sonic: Well hi there!


As Sonics at a same time.


  • music continues*

(Get Ready)

Sonic: When I defeated Eggman, I thought his reign would die forever...

(For the most epicest.)

Sonic: But his son has taken his heir, and the only person to stop it is...

(Crossover yet.)

Sonic: You.

Firey: *points at self* Me?

Sonic: Yes you.

2020 Sonic: Come on, why do we even bother asking him?

Sonic: Well, he seems the most fit out of everyone else here...

Classic Sonic: *Looks at 2020 Sonic and Sonic with confused face* Look, I thought we would agree with someone that-

2020 Sonic: Hello? Do you see the logic in all of this?

*The music stops*

Sonics: *start arguing*

Sonic: *sighs* When will this all end... Okay Firey, welcome in.

(Objects meet speed.)

Ruby: A-A-A-A-ALIENS!!!!!!!!

Boom Sonic: What? What do you mean?

DX Sonic: She call us... Aliens?

Baby Sonic: What are aliens?

AOSTH Sonic: Don't call us aliens!

Sonics: ... *Laughs in cries*

*Blitzkrieg Bop plays*

(New Adventures)

Mania Sonic: Let's go to the "futuristic city"!

DX Sonic: Okay!

*Many sonics runs through Spider cave*

Baby Spider: *Eats mushroom and gets flies at wall by Sonics*

(And it's just the beginning)

*Many Sonics stops running sight of Mepolis*

AOSTH Sonic: Wow this place is so cool!

2020 Sonic: Look it all of those FANTASTIC place!

Sonic: Let's go!

*Sonics runs enter Mepolis*

Firey: What?! don't! Come back!

*Music stops*

AOSTH Sonic: Come on guys! we can see all of this!

Firey: *groans*

*Music continues*

(It just gets better)

Sonic: Amy?

Amy Rose: Hello, Sonic boy!

Hector Robotnik: I will get revenge on them for killing my father. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

Sonic: We need to hurry!

(They need all they have)

Firey: Um, what?

Badniks: *Gasps*

Egg-Pawn #12: THIS IS DISASTER!!!!!!!!

Badniks: *Starts screaming, panicking, frighten, feared and panic runs around*

Egg-Pawn #36: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

(New Friends)

2020 Sonic: Wait. Does E-105 is... a GIRL?!

*The music stops*

Sonics: E-105 IS A GIRL?!?!

AOSTH Sonic: Who is she?

E-105 ???: Hi guys! Whoa! Who are these are you?

Sonic: We are Sonics. What is your name?

E-105 Zeta: Sure! My name is Zeta!

2020 Sonic: Oh my god that is a pretty name!

E-105 Zeta: Thank you!

*The music plays again*

(New Foes)

Egg-Pawn #64: Sir we need blow them up!

Hector Robotnik: Do it.

Egg-Pawn #53: *Presses cannon button and fired missile and misses Sonics and destroys one of Mepolis building*, Oh come on, i missed it!

Egg-Pawn #64: *Facepalm* You failed already.

Hector Robotnik: I am surrounded by idiots...

(New Robots)

AOSTH Sonic: Who knows about E-Series.

*The E-Series (E-100 Zero, E-101 Beta, E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, E-105 Zeta and E-101 Beta) comes*

2020 Sonic: Oh hey there robots!


Boom Sonic: Uhh...

Classic Sonic: Who we talking about?

2020 Sonic: Wait, Gamma, Is Delta is your wife?

E-102 Gamma: Yes she is my wife.

(New Heroes)

Shadow: I believe this..

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