The world needs a heroes of the universe.

—Tagline, Jacknjellify's Sonic The Hedgehog
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"I’m waiting for Jacknjellify's Sonic The Hedgehog here!" - Announcer, Object Cinematic
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Jacknjellify's Sonic The Hedgehog is a crossover science fiction adventure-comedy film. It is produced by Crossover Pictures, Sega and Jacknjellify. It is directed by Evan "Andre" Vizuett.


In the year 2035. The Sonic-verse had entered another universe, Goiky. The Sonic-verse meets a new friends, objects. The new main villainous named, Hector Robotnik. The Badniks have to destroy the Sonic-verse. Sonics and objects are now teamed up for the new adventures.


United States/Japan: Rated PG, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


  • Jacknjellify's Sonic The Hedgehog confirmed to be Rated PG.
  • E-103 Delta and E-105 Zeta confirmed to be females.
  • Sonic-verse, Objects and Meeple confirmed to be teamed up together.
  • E-Series confirmed to be husbands, wifes, friendly and humanized.
  • Metal Sonics confirmed to be friendly.
  • G.U.N Team confirmed to be friendly.


  1. Micheal Huang's Hedgehogs Wild
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog (1991 Game)
  3. Sonic Generations (2011)
  4. Sonic Forces (2017)
  5. And various of Sonic games


  • We No Speak Americano (Yolanda Be Cool)
  • Stir It Up (Patti Labelle ft. Joss Stone)
  • It's The End of The Worlds as We Know It (R.E.M.)
  • Slave To The Rhythm (Michael Jackson)
  • Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)


Major Protagonists

  • Firey (Main Character)
  • Sonics (Sonic-verse)
  • Knuckles
  • Tails (Modern, Modern Sonic's Partner)
  • Tails (Classic, Classic Sonic's Partner)
  • Amy Rose (Sonic's Girlfriend)
  • E-123 Omega
  • Shadow (Rouge's Husband)
  • Rouge (Shadow's Wife)
  • Blaze
  • Silver
  • Cosmo (Tails' Sister)
  • Cream
  • Metal Sonic (Modern)
  • Metal Sonic (Classic)
  • Sticks
  • E-Series (E-102 Gamma, E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, E-105 Zeta, E-100 Zero, E-101 Beta)
  • Leafy
  • Ruby
  • Donut
  • Four
  • G.U.N (Guardian Unites of Nation) Team
  • Suzie-Anne Milano
  • Alexa
  • Karen
  • Lucy
  • Lexi



  • Hector Robotnik (Eggman's Son)
  • Badniks
  • Egg Robots
  • Death Egg Sentinels
  • Infinite

Funniest Moments

  • Tails seems to eating a pineapple as he peeled a pineapple. (Green Hill Scene)
  • E-103 Delta kicks G.U.N Soldier #22 in nuts. (G.U.N Ship Scene)
  • Donut and Sonics are screaming at the same time while meeting but in the distance for 5 seconds. (Meeting Sonics Scene)
  • AOSTH Sonic saying "Don't call us aliens!". (Friends Scene)
  • E-123 Omega armed with strange cannons and shoots with confetti.
  • 2020 Sonic calls Rider Sonic "Gamma's Best Hero" and Rider Sonic calling 2020 Sonic "Eggman's Fallen Butt".
  • E-105 Zeta kissing a G.U.N Beetle. (G.U.N Arrived Scene)
  • E-104 Epsilon throwing a phone onto G.U.N Hunter's head when he gets messaged "Throw at someone's head" by 2020 Sonic on Eggchat. (G.U.N Arrived Scene)
  • The female E-Series (E-100 Zero, E-103 Delta and E-105 Zeta) sitting between with 2020 Sonic in Freesmart Supervan when he wears Magik Thug Life Glasses. (Highway Scene)
  • 2020 Sonic dressed up as school girl outfit. (School Scene)


  • Robot Fighters
  • Sonic Dismount
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