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Jacknjellify's Official Magazine is a magazine that is all about object shows.


Box Reveals What's Inside!

Today at 7:20 PM, Box, a famous character on Inanimate Insanity has opened up to reveal his interior! Turns out that he's a storage device, as many tools are seem inside of him. Many characters on the show have stored their things in him while no one was filming. It's amazing to see what's inside Box!


This is a list of all games in all volumes.

  • Find Gelatin
  • BOTO Dot-to-Dot
  • Object Crossword
  • Mazes


Shelly and the Beanstalk

Shelly was in the city. She saw a trade. It was a strange object holding three magic beans. Shelly took the beans for one buck each. When Shelly got home, she planted them in the ground.From the ground grew a gigantic beanstalk. This amazed Shelly. So Shelly climbed up and up and up... and reached the top. What she saw was a lot of grass. When she walked along the grass she heard a thumping sound. A really loud one at that. So loud, it shook up the entire field. Shelly turned around, and was shocked to see what towered behind her, it was Scissors, and she was a giant. "FEE, FI, FO, FUM! WHO DARES TO TRESPASS ON MY LAWN?" roared Scissors. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Shelly. She had never seen something so scary. Quickly, Shelly ran back to the beanstalk and climbed down. When she was at the bottom, she cut down the beanstalk so that Scissors couldn't get down. And so Shelly was saved, and lived happily ever after.

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