Jack-In-The-Boxy is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Jack-In-The-Boxy appears as a blue box with a yellow star on the front. That is where his face is. Jack-In-The-Boxy only has legs, and doesn’t have any arms, despite being able to do things just fine without them. Inside of him is a star that sometimes pops up from inside of him. This usually happens if he is going to do something good, or if he’s shocked.


Jack-In-The-Boxy is an object that used to live in a populated city. However, he once escaped that life and took a long time to search for where he wanted to live. Along the way, he discovered the powers inside of him when unleashing his star. The rough journey allowed this star to absorb new powers. If he tries hard enough, he can do something amazing and unbelievable every day, once a day. He uses these powers to help his friends when they’re in a pinch.


  • Jack-In-The-Boxy was originally going to have religious connotations.
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