Everyone can edit this!!

Thefreesmarter bfdia: I got curious pf you guys about how you feel when you created your fanfic... so I made this

The best fan of BFDI(A): And Thefreesmarter bfdia was right to make this page!

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: It was a good idea that you made this, Freesmarter! :D

bttclr: I like this interview :D

AnthonyBFDI: Me too!

Thefreesmarter: Pls. check the Interviewing users (Fanfic makers) 2!!!

AnthonyBFDI: For the latest version, check this out.

What are your thoughts to your favorite story?

  • Nmcconnell: This is a wonderful wiki! Especially with BOTO Revenge of the Island!
  • The best fan of BFDI(A)!: OMG! (My favorite is BFDI and II)! So, bekoz... they are A-WE-SO-ME!!! XD!
  •  ElementalRaccoon: II II has a pretty good storyline.
  • AnthonyBFDI: It's amazing!
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Well, I like Battle for Super THING...
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Like BFDIK
  • bttclr: Um, haven't really read too many ff's but I like TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101's The Battle In Space
  • THMNS: IDK what you mean.

KaliniHoudini: My favorite FanFic would have to be Battle for Maritime temple, because It's just cool looking, it has neat twists to it.

What made you inspired to make your own fan fiction? Why?

  • Nmcconnell: My Dad and I were making fan fictions before I ever heard of the OSC!!
  • Thefreesmarter bfdia: Ultimate Objects... Because the story is so interesting and I couldn't help but make my own...
  • The best fan of BFDI(A)!: At the same time, all and none... Bekoz fanficts are all awesome and that was inspired me to make BFST (Pleaz, go vote to BFST, I need vote!!!)...
  • bowserjr2215:I saw lots of fanfics which made e wanted to write one

  • ElementalRaccoon: I love to write. I just came up with Incredible Objects one day, not having read any fanfics before.
  • AnthonyBFDI: From watching BFDI because BFDI seems the best object show ever!
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Well, I haven't made one YET but if anything were to inspire me, it'd probably be BFDI/BFDIA because I watch all of them whenever I'm bored.
  • Satanchu: The wiki itself. I really love to share stories online! Here's my fanfic: Battle for Maritime Temple (wikia version)
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Battel For Dream Islnad.
  • bttclr: Haven't made one yet but TABFDIFETE101's TBIS (Oy Moi Goish TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101, I can't even shorten your username xD)
  • THMNS: Cuz I wanted to.

KaliniHoudini: TDI helped me get inspirations, but since about 100 of you don't like it, then my fics would probably suck :P

Can you tell me the characters you created?

  • Nmcconnell: In what show, BFIS or SOTC?
  • Thefreesmarter bfdia: Ghosty, Toothpaste, Drumstick and Butterfly
  • THE BEST FAN OF BFDI(A)!: Oww... so much: I created 1-cent, 2-cents, 5-cents, Cake (from BFST), Cigaretty, Dice (from BFST), Gameboy, Key, Logo, M, Milk, Padlock, Paint, Starry (from BFST), Trafficky and Yoyle Token (I think...)
  • ElementalRaccoon: Alpha Symbol, Omega Symbol, Bobber, Black Belt, Glassy.

  • Rhinobuddroblox:Speech Bubble,Idle Screen, Eggnog, Lavadrop, Light blue stick,Stick,Water Cooler,Air pump,Gold,Ch-Berry,Gameman,Bombery, TARDIS, Diamond, Telephone Booth, Omlet Cake,Poltergeist,Soup Can,Spray Can, streetlight (more comming soon)

  • SuperNin10: Hanger, Peppermint and Pinwheel

  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Colored Pencil, Germ, Slimy, Money.

  • Gogo67ify: Yoyleberry,Sushi,TNT(not RC that appeared in "Don't Lose Your Marbles,another one)

  • Satanchu: I've ALSO happened to make a Yoyleberry. My other characters are Cheese Grater, Pyramid, Signy, Framey, Clover, Cauliflower, Souly, and much more!

  • bttclr: Haven't made one yet.

  • KaliniHoudini I made Chex Mix who is currently competing in the BFCK Debut at this point.
  • NoNameUltimate: I made N and Other N. Anyone can use either or both as long as Teardrop is also in. I don't have idles or poses for them since I can't use animation or anything.

I also made Chapstick, but nobody can seem to get his design right.

THMNS: Sombrero and others...

Dr. Cow Andrew:OHNOPhone,I Also made All Or Nothing Token(Credit to Salamance to Idle,I DON'T OWN THE IDLE!)

  • NLG343: Baseball Cap and Nemo.
  • Nin10Boy6464:NES and Septiceye, and later pointer, and Stampy, and Flagy

Do you have a youtube account?

  • Thefreesmarter bfdia: My youtube account is kappnkirby2000... I don't really make videos... (shy)
  • Nmcconnell: Yes, but it's irregular.
  • The best fan of BFDI(A)! (I need to change my UserName...): No, bekoz I am only 13...Now, I (finally) have one, Teh Best Fan of BFDI and BFDIA, clik here to see
    • Thefreesmarter: Oh! Subscribe to me!! kappnkirby2000... It's here :D
      • The best fan of BFDI(A)! : It's done :D
  • ElementalRaccoon: Yes, I do. It's called Theelementalraccoon, where I post camps like FFCM, BFDI The Mole, and  voting series called The Ultimate Object Tourament!

  • AnthonyBFDI: Yes, I do!
  • Dr Cow Andrew:Yes i do,I do like BFDI 99.9%
  • SuperNin10: Yes.
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Yeah but I don't want to share that information..
  • Gogo67ify: YES I DO!(see my name? that's the name of my YouTube account)
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Yes. Wise Ben But It Have Benned Hacked By Someone And They Delete All My Videos. Sob Sob.
  • bttclr: Yeah. bttclr xD
  • KaliniHoudini says hell yes!
  • NLG343: Yes. You want to know the name, do you?
  • THMNS: Yes, but not telling.
  • Nin10Boy6464: YEPERDOODLE!

What is your favorite character (of every fan fictions)?

  • The best fan of BFDI(A): EVERYONE!!! (except Elmo, Cookie monster and Big bird; Fortunely, they was dead!)
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Well, I like the Freesmarters but if I had to choose 1, it'd be Bubble (love dat voice :3)
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo.
  • bttclr: Jupiter! He's funny :D
  • Kalini: Chopstick! :D

Make more questions for the other users and answer the questions!

  • Thefreesmarter bfdia: GT, Gumbally, ? Token and Bubble of course!!
  • ElementalRaccoon: Hmm... I'm not too familiar with fanfics so this is a bit hard...The characters in RFVP all have pretty cool personalites.

  • AnthonyBFDI: Every character from Battle For Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity.
  • nadiya2000: Every BFDI and I.I. contestants (except Donut, Dora, David)
  • Dr Cow Andrew:PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Also i like MePad,Immunity Token,Ruby,Microphone,Firey and all Chars of O.U.)
  • Gogo67ify: Pen,Grassy,Firey,Bubble,Bubble Blower and all the newbies in BFST!
  • Satanchu: Pin, Ice Cube, Lightbulb, Box, David, Bow, Marshmallow, Snowball, Ice Cream, and my #1 fave...

Yellow Face Smile 3 Talk0005YELLOW FACE!!!

  • NLG343: Firey and Pen!
  • THMNS: Pen, Gelatin, Rocky, YF, Cherries, Marshy, Notebook, Mailbox, Toaster, Lightbulb, a lot of others.

Do you think that Running for Vice President is good? (Creator must not answer!!)

Oh stop it you

Thefreesmarter bfdia says

*Chocomuffin234: Yes!! 100% perfect (my opinion)
  • Bubblymunchkin33: Total thumbs up!!!
  • Teh best fan of BFDI(A): I didn't really look at it, but I've the impression that I'm going to "very-like" it before winter :)
  • ElementalRaccoon: Well-written!

  • bowserjr22115:Its epic

  • AnthonyBFDI: It's good.
  • Dr Cow Andrew:I KNOW. IT'S SO AWSUM!!!!!(But Presidents are 20% cooler)
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Lol before I thought it meant running for vice president in real life but I just found out it's a FANFICTION! XD so yeah I like it. (P.S:  Dr Cow Andrew, I see what you did there)
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: No.
  • ^^the jackass above^^
  • Satanchu: One of the best fanficts I've ever seen!
  • bttclr: Super goodz!
  • Teh best fan of BFDI(A): It's done! I "very-like" it!
  • Thefreesmarter: GTFO!! Hater!!! >:(
  • Kalini: Yes.
  • NLG343: Did you see the picture on Part 11? Hilarious...
  • THMNS: gud.
  • Nin10Boy6464: I Thought it was: WELL WRITERN, HA GOTEM

Do you think that BFST is good? (Creator must not answer!!)

  • Thefreesmarter bfdia: Over the top!!! OMG!!!
  • Nmcconnell: What is BFST? "Battle For Sleeper Train"?
  • ElementalRaccoon: Haven't fully looked at it yet, but seems pretty cool.

  • nadiya2000: With Arle in show, I love it.
  • Dr Cow Andrew:PEN'S HERE!!!!!!! I WILL RATE 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/100 OF THIS SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: I'd rate it an infinity! If that's not a number, a googolplex. (10 to the power of 10 to the power of 100)
  • Gogo67ify:12 out of 10
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Yes BFST Good. Mine Sucks MonkeyS**t.
  • Kalini: Sure.
  • THMNS: wat is that

What do people think about Incredible Objects? (Modesty FTW :P)

The best fan of you know what : I don't know... I'm not every people XP (no, really it's good!)

Dr Cow Andrew:I'm not every people too.(BUT I THINK IS 50% COOLER!)

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: I dunno what that or it is but it sounds cool :D

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Obejcts Good.

bttclr: Dunno :/

THMNS: never saw

Of what you are inspired in you for the name of your fanfict?

Tehbestfanofbeehafdeehiha: I wanted to look for a rather catchy name, well, how everybody had pricked the good ideas, I've me am said that I'd to find something, "thing", it's from this word that I found the good name!

  • thefreesmarter bfdia: I named Battle for Vice President but sounds more "soldier-ish" so I renamed it to "Running" instead..
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: I named my fan fiction The Battle in Space because I had a Science Project in the 4th grade on Pluto and I made a bunch of planets in Paint so...yeah.
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Like Elmo And I Put BFDI and They Battel For Kingdoms.
  • bttclr: Umm, never made one yet
  • TBFOBFDI(A): @bttclr I think, when your ff out, I will watch it and love it!
  • Satanchu: I really REALLY love underwater areas! And underwater temples, too! Okay, the name was mostly inspired by the Ruins underneath Undella Bay in Pokemon Black and White.
  • Gooooooooooooooogo67ify:Battle For The Prize is just an idea that came out of my head OOOOOOOOOOOOH IT HURTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalini: Came up with something actually related to the contestants. They were all unpopular.


How did you find out about BFDI?

Nmcconnell: When I watched every episode of BOTO there was, and I could best keep myself entertained by seeing another show, BFDI repeatedly showed up.

ElementalRaccoon: BFDI kept popping up as a reccomended video, so one day, I checked it out.

Fan The BFDI(A) Of ! Best: I discovered BFDI when by Algodecathlon, I saw the icon, I've me am said "it's what this knackered thing?" and when I began to look at the episode 1, I was curious to know who was eliminated in 2, and more I looked, more I appreciated and I eventually LOVED... um... LOVE IT!!!!

bowserjr22215:Well,ummm,I watched a bfdi sparta remix,I didn't know what show it was,so I looked up bfdi,then I found episode  1,and then I watched episode 1 to bfdia 2

thefreesmarter: By my younger brother who kept it a secret for 1 month!!!

thefreesmarter's brother: While watching marble race xD 

Dr. Cow Andrew:I Watched TDI When suddenly in 2th January(WHEN I WASN'T HAD AN ACCOUNT) BFDI's 1st Episode Appeared.

SuperNin10: I saw Battle and I automatically went to it. lol Kalini: Watched an II sparta remix, then watched II, then watched a thumbnail showing a similar show called BFDI.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: So one day, I was watching some Sparta Remixes and this guy called "TheJario943" made a Donut Sparta Remix so I clicked it. I wanted to know what BFDI was. So I searched "BFDI". I loved the first episode. Eventually, I watched Episode 2, then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ALL of them up until BFDIA 5e. How did I find out about Sparta Remixes? Well, that's a WHOLE other story! (P.S OMG BOWSERJR AND I BOTH FOUND BFDI THE SAME WAY!)

Gogo67ify:I found BFDI ep 11("Lofty") as a reccomended video and searched the first episode(AND THAT'S WHY I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADICTED TO IT!)

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Like BFDI.

bttclr: My friend came over and showed me this "BFDI" show so I searched it on Youtube and started watching all of them and I downloaded ALL OF THEM.

Satanchu: My brother watched an Algodoo marble race containing those characters, and happened to find BFDI.

KirbyRider: Zeeky Boogy Doog!... What? No explosion?

THMNS: Saw someone watching it, and gave it a try.

Nin10Boy6464: It just popped up one day, yeah, facking loved it

Who of yours characters you would possibly have most made a success?

The really best fan of bfdi and bfdia!: YOYLE TOKEN!!! because, she's CRAZY!!! (like Izzy in Total Drama!)

Rhinobuddroblox:Light Blue Stick. Cause idk

Thefreesmarter: Butterfly and Drumstick :3

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Colored Pencil. Just because.


I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo. He So Cool.

bttclr: Ummm...I didn't make Stan but maybe Stan (TABFDIFETE101's "pet water bottle") Kalini: Chex Mix over Chapstick, because he seems to have a better personality.



Nin10Boy6464: NES and Septiceye!

Do you think Battle for Inanimate Insanity:The Mole and a key to everything(My fanfics)are good?

  • The best fan of bfdi(a):I don't see BFII:TM but keytoeverything is really good (and I see only the episoe 1 of this!)
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Never heard of it but I think BFST is good :)
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: NO.
  • bttclr: Uhhhh...

Kalini: Sure.

THMNS: Never seen.

What's the very first video of BFDI which you have ever seen?

  • Nmcconnell: BFDI Episode 17.
  • The best fan of BFDI(A): It's the marble race BFDI version... (not really good :( )
  • ElementalRaccooon: Battle for Dream Island - Episode 13: "Don't Lose Your Marbles"
  • Thefreesmarter: Bfdi Ep. 19: the Rescission
  • nadiya2000: BFDI Episode 1: Take The Plunge
  • Dr Cow Andrew:The same as nadiya but My first seen of BFDI was Part 2.
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Donut has an EXTENDED Sparta Remix (link: Donut has an EXTENDED Sparta Remix)
  • Gogo67ify:Battle For Dream Island-Episode 11:"Lofty"
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: BFDI Movie.
  • bttclr: Episode 1. For the LULZ.(<-Added that for random effect :o)
  • THMNS: The 1st episode.

Kalini: Gardening Hero.

What is the very first Inanimate Insanity episode you've ever seen and how?

  • Nmcconnell: That, on the other hand, is a different story. Remember, the first object show I've ever seen is BOTO. I don't know how to answer this.
  • Thefreesmarter: Crappy Cliff... While watching BFDI ep. 17 and I was like "there are more object shows?!"
  • The best fan of bfdi(a): The very first episode of this (I think...) for the same reason
  • ElementalRaccoon: Episode 17: A Journey through Memory Lane.
  • Dr Cow Andrew:Episode 10:Double Digit Desert
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: The first episode.
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Don't Know. I No Like It No More
  • bttclr: Crappy Cliff (Ikr, Freesmarter?)
  • KirbyRider: Episode 1. I decided to watch II after BFDI 1-BFDIA 4.
  • THMNS: 1st too.

Kalini: Episode 13 (Unlucky D:) I just decided to watch it randomly after a sparta remix.

Favorite Total Drama series character?

  • thefreesmarter: Gwen :3 not being an emo :P
  • ElementalRaccoon: Noah or Brick.
  • Teh behst fan of BFDI(A): Izzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! XDXDXDXDXDXD
  • Dr Cow Andrew: Alejandro
  • TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Um, kinda forgot their names but my favorite was the host.
  • Gogo...not going to say it: Duncan or Owen(I LOVE D(CHE)ESE)
  • KirbyRider: Lightning, he's SO FUNNY!
  • Satanchu: Noah.
  • I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • bttclr: Alejandro.

Kalini: .__________.


​Since when know you BFDI?

  1. After the last week >
  2. Since 1 - 4 weeks >
  3. Since 1 - 3 months >Gogo67ify
  4. Since 3 - 12 months > The best fan of BFDI(A)! >ElementalRaccoon>Thefreesmarter bfdia>Thefreesmarter's brother > TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101> bttclr:>KirbyRider
  5. Since 1 - 2 years > SuperNin10>I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013 Nmcconnell
  6. Since 2 - 3 years >
  7. Since 2010/01/01 - 3 years ago >
  8. Since 2014, summer. THMNS

Who is your favorite BFDI/BFDIA contestant, and who is your favorite RC that didn't join?

Nmcconnell: Coiny and ... (*bleaugh* you should have asked that for BOTO...) ... Fries' brother


Gogo67ify: What happened here?wathever... TB,Firey,Teardrop and Gelatin Grassy,Gaty,Lollipop and Balloony

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Like Elmo And I Recommended Elmo.

bttclr: Blocky! Our friend! (Where's that from? THMNS: Take the Plunge Part 2)

SuperNin10: Book and 8-Ball

Kalini: Tennis Ball, and Non-Existy! :Pd


AnthonyBFDI: Match (BFDI(A)). Marker (BFDI RC)

THMNS: BLEH, and IDK. EL is funny, Non-Existy is awesome, New Nickle is good, and Robot Flower was funny.


Answer what bttclr said (Where is the quote: "Blocky! Our friend!" from? MUST ANSWER WITH Ep. & Season)

Nmcconnell: That was the first team choosing!

KirbyRider: Season 1 of BFDI, Episode 1, Part 2



Do you like Anthony's BFDI/II Camp?

Nmcconnell: How can I like something I didn't check out?

thefreesmarter: Well... I've never read it fully but it's good...

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Never heard of it.

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: No

bttclr: What's it about?

TBFOBFDI(A): agnu? wahtizit? (everyone do the flop! *fall on ground!*) Kalini: Uhh... chicken?

THMNS: What?

Tell me all the Fanfics you've created...

Nmcconnell: BOTO's Night Contest, Hearts Are on Gifts, Revisiting the Tournament Bracket, Rescue From Heights, Coiny's Annoyance, (BFDIA 6' in progress), Gender-Sensitive Sleeping Gas, Hypnotism to the Hay (a.k.a. The Tiring House), Returning with Sweet Gifts, Skylark Flight, (II II 10' in progress), Everlasting Elevation, Bouncy Ball's Conquer, (Game in a Dream)

Thefreesmarter: BFDIA Episode 6 (Bubble's story) and RFVP! :D

TEHbestFANofBFDI(A): BFST and BFDI(A)-Voting before it's cancelled (because BFST :) )

ElementalRaccoon: Incredible Objects

AnthonyBFDI: Anthony's BFDI/II Camp

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: The Battle in Space.

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: BFDIK, BFGAS, IIIM And What Is That 2 Contestants.


Gogo67ify:Only Battle For The Prize :/

Satanchu: Battle for Maritime Temple (wikia version).

Kalini: I'm gonna make a fanfic soon, but not yet. It's called: Wonderful World of Rejects

Bowserjr2215:A Key to Everything,Inanimate Insanity Camp,and Battle for Inanimate Insanity:The Mole

THMNS: BFAH, and SOA. Also D.I.S.C.

How did you come up with your username?

Nmcconnell: It matches my real name, Nicholas McConnell. I recall first initial + last name as a rule from school.

Thefreesmarter: Bubble's in FreeSmart so.... yeah...

Thefreesmarter's bro: Can't think of a username so I just copied my sister's >:)

The best fan of bfdi(a): Only because I am the  best f@OF    bfdì(ä) !

ElementalRaccoon: lol i dunno

Dr. Cow Andrew: In a dream. We started on a party in "Hillsville Party Stadium" but then the Lights went off but they still are dancing with the eyes closed down. But Suddenly, "Dr. Cow's Milkshake and Ice Cream" Appeared. So i woke up and i ............

AnthonyBFDI: I watched BFDI often.

SuperNin10: I originally wanted to be Nin10, it was taken, so i just put Super in the front.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: It was inspired by you, Bestfan :3

ThebestfanofBFDI(A): It's cute! <:-3 *happy sob*

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: lol Thanks :D.

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Like Elmo.

bttclr: My Youtube name is bttclr and TABFDIFETE101 made a wiki bout me (thanks!) so I joined this wiki and his (duh). bttclr was just a bunch of random letters.

ThebestfanbutIdon'tfinshmynamehere: so, you have to can be called uehbf, if I unterstand evrything! :|


The best fan of BFDI(A)!: Oo'

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Even more famous than jacknjellify? :3

G...not going to say it(gogo67ify):Username of YouTube

Satanchu: Making a pixel art of a buffed-up Pikachu with a spear, then I thought...

Bubble&#039;s Face...SATANCHU

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo ELmo Elmo Elmo elom Elmo

bttclr: ?

Thebestfanofbfdi(a)!: I think IASSOEF2013 love Elmo! :|

KirbyRider: It was created WAY back in 2007. I liked Kirby. Kalini: I created my username Kalini, who I nicknamed after an old friend of mine. Then added a rhyme to it.


Nin10Boy6464: because NINTENDO and

If you could exchange of body AND personality with a contestant of BFDI(A) or II(2), that would be with whom?

Nmcconnell: I would exchange Soap with Match. After all, both of them are quite nasty.

Teh best fan of BFDI and BFDIA: with Firey... or Gelatin or Cherries or Yig-yang or hmmm... Box... or OJ or I forgot the last one but not less important (is the most :) ): Teardrop!

Thefreesmarter: I'd say Bow and Bubble

Teh best fan of BFDI and BFDIA: AH, YES, I forgotto say Bow!!! (chairs)

Dr. Cow Andrew:I THINK APPLE

SuperNin10: I say Book.

ElementalRaccoon: Tennis Ball!

Gogo(s)(i really like them!)67ify:Well...Paintbrush

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Book. I'd like to be smart. Just as they say, brain beats brawn :D

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Cookie Monster And Elmo.

bttclr: ANNOUNCER!

Satanchu: Pin! Kalini: Pin and Marshy!


How long did it take for you to make a title?

Nmcconnell: What title?

Thefreesmarter: At about 10-15 minutes...

Kalini: 219391848298493289823983 Years. The best fan of BFDI(A): 3mn for make it in thinking, 30 sec for fix mistakes likes "ttile" instand of "title" and 1 mn 30 for translate (I am french, don't forgot), so, I take abvout of 5mn max.


ElementalRaccoon: Not too long...

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: About 2000000000000000000000000000000 billion minutes. No jk, it took about 30 seconds because I wanted to make a fan fic about space so I took "Battle For Dream Island" and replaced "For Dream Island" with "in Space" lol (The Battle in Space)

Gogo67ify:Ultimate Battle For Dream Island took me... 56 seconds

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Soooooooooo Long.

Satanchu: 0.01 seconds. :D

THMNS: Some tine.

What is 1+2x3+3+3+2/5-1+2?

Nmcconnell: 1 + 2*3 + 3 + 3 + 2/5 - 1 + 2 = 1 + 6 + 3 + 3 + .4 - 1 + 2 = 14.4

Thefreesmarter: 6 :D

The best fan of BFDI(A): 14.4 exactely because first we doing x and / so it's now 1+6+3+3+0.4-1+2 (2x2=4 and 5x2=10 so it's 4/10) and after + and - and after that it's step per step:

  1. 1+6+3+3+0.4-1+2
  2. 7+3+3+0.4-1+2
  3. 10+3+0.4-1+2
  4. 13+0.4-1+2
  5. 13.4-1+2
  6. 12.4+2
  7. 14.4

It's very simple, just learn math lessons :)

Dr. Cow Andrew. I Agree with TBFOBFDI. 14.4.

Thefreesmarter: LOL i guessed... I got lazy thinking xDD

ElementalRaccoon: Uh.... NEXT QUESTION! (I'm just too lazy)

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: I got 21 lol

Apple(Gogo67ify):7!That's my lucky number!

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: 0.

bttclr: Brain poo.

ThebestfanofBFDI(A)andthebestinmath: I think I am the only one to answer the good answer (I quite forgot you Doc Cow... sorry... :$) (so, IM ZE BEEST IN MATH!)

THMNS: 14.4

Who are your favorite hosts of other fanfic shows besides your own show?

Thefreesmarter: Elimination Pad from Incredible Objects, Gold Token (I agree with Gum Bally... Seriously) from Battle for Cake Kingdom, The Host from Ultimate Objects, Trowel from Battle for Maritime Temple and Globe from Sonicblaster203's Game

The bestfan of BFDDO(A) (it's a little hard to write that with a keyboard, really): Butterfly because she's really beautiful <3

ElementalRaccoon: Ghosty! I don't know why, I just like him.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Erm, I never really read fanfics since I read...*shivers* Uhm, probably Toothpaste (forgot where it was from lol) 

Thefreesmarter: You actually like my characters: Butterfly, Ghosty and Toothpaste?! (Sorry Drummy -Drumstick-!! You're also the best!!) :)

Bow(Gogo67ify): CHAIRS!... Oh wait we're talking about hosts right?

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo. Cookie Monster. Big Bird And Oscar.

bttclr: FSB (Firey's Speaker Box!)


Dawktah Caow Andteiw (NAO WITH V0kal01d): Announcing Rectangle

Who is the first killed in BFDIA 5?

Nmcconnell: Puffball Announcer.

Thefreesmarter: (I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!) Puffball Speaker Box :P

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Puffy's Speaky Boxy

nadiya2000: Puffball's Speaker Box

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Don't Care.

bttclr: Beep bop.

TBFOBFDI(A): beep bop bop beep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! (and bop in your face :P d


THMNS: It's time for Cake at Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *bleh* (Members of the puffball species regurgitate a rainbow like substance in times of distress)

Who is the second killed in BFDIA 5?

Nmcconnell: Aren't you supposed to be asking opinion questions, or any questions whose answers vary?

Thefreesmarter: Leafy :(

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Leafah

The best fan of BFDI(A): I think it's Donut, I don't know I will re-see BFDIA5A for see if Leafy was dead before or after CaS...

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Possibly Elmo.

bttclr: YIKES! Leafy :(

THMNS: Lefeh.

Do you like BFDI(A)?

Nmcconnell: Yes, actually, but nnnnnnnn-not as much as BOTO.

nadiya2000: Actually, I really love BFDI(A).

Thefreesmarter: If I hate BFDI, I wouldn't have visited this...

The best fan of BFDI(A): oh, wait... please... see my username before ask me this question... so... SURE, ILOVE BFDI(A)!!!!!! (AND MY SISTER TOO!)

SuperNin10: No i don't like ot, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: I wuv it so much that I think it show be a TV show. And I'd be the director :3

AnthonyBFDI: I definitely love BFDI(A)!

Gogo67ify:If don't like it,why i'm here then?(I LOVES BFDI(A))()()()()(())(()()()()()()

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: No BFDIK Bedder But BFDIA Good. BFDIK Super Duper.


tbfoBFDI(A)!: why a Z bttcrl?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: @tbfoBFDI(A), That's what I said!


THMNS: Why wouldn't I?

Who is the last person killed in BFDIA 5?

Nmcconnell: The animator. [Get it? 'caus BFDIA 6 isn't coming out for 2 years!!]

Thefreesmarter: Golf ball... i think I hope...

ThebestfanofBFDIandBFDIA: Rocky (Nooooooooooooooo[..]oooo!) I forgot the last minute, so, GBGB was the lastd ead

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Rocky, TB, and GB kinda died at the same time but I'd have to say it was GB.

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Somoeone.

bttclr: GB? GBGB :3

KirbyRider: Golf Ball, because she was eaten last.


THMNS: bossy bot.

If you can think of an object, put it here! (To know that it's taken or if they want it in your fanfic)


Hot Dog ... Pinwheel ... so?


1. Pinwheel (Wheely)

2. 4-leaf clover (Lucky)

3. Fork

4. Spoon

5. Bolster

6. Slippers (BFFL)

7. Mango

8. Wrecking ball

9. Snot (Snotty)

10. Candy Cane (CC)

11. Baseball Bat (BB)

12. Hockey stick (HS)

13. Puck (Pucky)

14. Curling Iron (Curly/Ironnie)

15. Golf club (Clubby)

16. Cue stick (CS)

17. Shovel (Shovelly)

18. Net (Nettie)

19. Slingshot (Slingy)

20. Carrot (Carroty)

21. Perfume

22. Lettuce

23. Blanket (Blanketty)

24. Potato

25. Notepad (Notey)

26. Compass

27. Pea

28. Piano key (PK)

29. Telephone (Telly)

30. Think Bubble

Thebestfanof... oh, I will stop say my username, ther's too long to say! : Padlock and Key (already in my show) and Lighty (I think he will rejoin the game...)

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Germy, Slimy, Money, Grow, Shrink, Plate, Stan, Steve.

Btw, Thebestfanofbfdi(a), you could just copy and paste your username. That's what I did lol.

gOGO67ify:Well... i can think abou the entire BFDI, BFDIA,II,II II,OU,OT(Object Twoniverse),OM and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the RCs



KirbyRider: I've got Guillotine and Chestnut. And I've added a pose of Guillotine right here.

Guillotine Pose


I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, Bucket, Cookie Monster.

bttclr: OMG I never made one! *sob sob cry cry*

Thebestfanof... oh, I will stop say my username: [TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101] that's a good idea, but, here there's this for my name î(<=arrow!)


Do You like Inanimate Insanity?

Nmcconnell: I most certainly do, if I didn't like the show I wouldn't make all those fanfics.

nadiya2000: Yep. I love Inanimate Insanity.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Yeah, I enjoy to watch it.

Gogo67ify is a dumbass:I LOVE IT!

Thefreesmarter: Who doesn't? :3

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Not Me. No No No No.

bttclr: Kinda :3

thebetsfanvoofbfdi(a) (I writted it the faster I can :P): I love it but Fan was already a best afn, so, I am the best fan of bfdi(a) only :|

KirbyRider: I really like it. I really due.


How do you get ideas for objects in your ff's?

Nmcconnell: FF's?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: I get ideas from stuff I find randomly find in my house (mostly my room lol), sometimes school, and sometimes from my imagination.

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Watch PBS Kids GO

bttclr: Dunno. Stuff poops pops in my  (IASSOEF2013, ummm)

I am tyhe best fan so you know my name (thebestfanofbfdi(a) for dumb guys who they didn't found my name!) (I think a make a line, here): hem... everywhere, but... I will got 1000 ideas (i think), so, only 100 was in paper and only 20 or 30 was in computer (in my fanfict)!


Dr. Chaos Andrew: Well, i had my MAGICAL DOREMI BOOK OF AWZUMNESS and draw some object show dumps.

What are your characters like in your fanfictions?

Nmcconnell: They're not my characters.

G o g o 6 7 i f y :Yoyleberry is... that

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo Nice.

bttclr: Dunno :P

tbfobfdi(a): my translator doesn't work, so, I'm here just to say hello and when my f*** of translator work again, I will answer!

Dr Cow Andrew:I DUNNO

THMNS: Me neither.

MePhone X: well, i invented my characters

I can't think of anymore contests in RFVP!! (That's why I stopped and also RFVP part 6 is coming soon!!) please help!!! ~Thefreesmarter

Nmcconnell: More like RFM now. Isn't the second season Running For Mayor?

ElementalRaccoon: OU Characters :D

KirbyRider: Cool Story Bro, needs Object Twoniverse/Mayhem contestants.

thebduetdbfdi(a) (I have gfluvgajlaksvaaahjgiehtgke in my kboard!): hem... let'as my think... I faind, the nexta contest is to watch The amazing world of Gumball! , so, I think YT win thas contest wahen she do the conatest (why I press everaytime in tha A key?)

Satanchu: Note to the above: It says contests not contestants. How about an "escape Evil Leafy" challenge?

TBFOBFDI(A): Note to the above: I know it says contest! so, my contest is to watch an episode of The amazing world of Gumball! (and when I speak about YT, it's only a "writted-thinking"!) >:-(

Satanchu: @TBFOBFDI(A) Let me rephrase that. Note to the people above TBFOBFDI(A), because I already knew that you made a contest. Sorry for making you angry.

TBFOBFDI(A)!: @Satanchu It's ME! to be sorry to be angry on you, sorry...

Thefreesmarter: Thanks Satanchu :3 And yeah... maybe I'll make another camp about OU and OM xDD

THMNS: Already passed T_T

In your opinion, who is the best contestant in RFVP? (not answerin' it)

Nmcconnell: Sunscreen.

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo.-.-

bttclr: ELMO's NOT IN RFVP! Um...Drummysticky!

thebestfan of bfdi(a): I don't know (because butterfly isn't a contestant *CRY for a soLONG time*)


In your opinion, who is the best contestant in BFST (TBF OF BFDI WILL NOT ANWER THIS)

Nmcconnell: Computery.

Thefreedumber (smarter): I'd say everyone

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Elmo [sorry, but, Elmo wasn't in BFST (fortunely)]

bttclr: 2 cent? Idk. They all good.


Who is the best user of the wiki in your opinion(DON'T SAY YOURSELF)(gogo67ify was here

Nmcconnell: Either deedo886 or AnimationFever. I'm not sure which of them are actively on this wiki.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Well, a lot of people. But if I had to pick 2, it'd be Satanchu and TBFOBFDI(A)!!! :D :D :D

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013

Thefreesmarter bfdia: Since I'm soooo kind i'd say everyone :3

bttclr: TABFDIFETE101.

TBFOBFDI(A): thanks to TABFDIFETE101 *hhhuuugh*, and I think it's the freesmarter, the best!

Satanchu: @IASSOEF2013: What the hell did gogo67ify just say?? Anyway, I'll say the respectful, trusting and kind people here (ex. Thefreesmarter bfdia, TheACTUALBFDIfantoeverexist101, TBFOBFDI(A), etc.)


If you ever had a season 2 of your own fanfic, what would the title be? Tell me some info about it...

Nmcconnell: My fanfic's not a big series, so it doesn't have a season 2. You're actually taunting me, making me want to make a big-series fanfiction while I have the time.

Thefreesmarter: (Spoiler!!) RFVP(A) and no it's not Firey's VP... It's someone else... It's a future president meaning everyone will be different but I'll choose the returning contestants and the newbies... BTW, Toothpaste, Drumstick, Butterfly and Ghosty are still teh hosts

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: BFDIKA And Then Everyone Try Win Kingdoms And Dream Isanlnd

tbfobfdi(a): hum... [spopiler!!!] I have alredy (why here I haven't press the A key???) think about this, so... BFOT (Battle For Other Thing) or BFST2T (BFST 2nd time) or IDK (isn't a title...)



TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: SPOILER ALERT! The Battle In Another Galaxy (a possible title. Might not be the actual title.)

Gogo67ify:Battle For Another Prize

Dr Cow Andrew:In My Brain,I Have an Camp called Battle for Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids,So the Season 2 will be called:


Bowserjr2215:Another Key to everything


Who would be your LEAST favorite character from ANY fanfict and why?

Satanchu: I'm actually not quite sure, but the ones I really don't like are Puffball, Eraser, Pen, Flower, Blocky, Robot Flower, Ping-Pong Ball, Cherries and Trophy. There are others that I dislike, but not as much as these ones.

Thefreesmarter: All the jerks in all fanfics :|

I Am Sesame Street Of Elmo Fan 2013: Not Elmo. Probably TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101's characters.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Ok I take it back :| But in reality, he started it so...

Thefreesmarter: Now that's just mean...

Satanchu: @IASSOEF2013: You don't really dislike his characters, dumbass. You're just saying that to get revenge on him for insulting your precious Elmo.

bttclr: @Satan lol so true.

tbfobfdi(a): hem... *think* let me think *think a 2nd time* mmmmmmmh... *think a 3rd time!!!* IDK!!!!!!!!! *suicide!* *recovery* @satanchu It's true, there's only him to love Elmo!!!

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: @IASSOEF2013 HEYYYY! It took me such a long time to actually MAKE a ff and you act like it's a bunch of poopy mayonaise?! Unacceptable! >:(


Which episode is "Poopy Mayonaise" from?

Nmcconnell: BFDIA 5a.

TBFOBFDI(A): Can I anwser "IDK" ?

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: BFDIA 4. :3

Dr. Cow Andrew:I Learned it in the Demented Cartoon Movie:ZEEKY-BOOGY-DOOG*BOOM*


If BFDI(A) went YOUR way, who would win, and who would be first eliminated?

Nmcconnell: Coiny would win, and Dora would be first eliminated.

Satanchu: Yellow Face would win, and the first eliminated would be Dora.

ElementalRaccoon: Gaty should win because he's an underdog (he'll like debut or something I'LL MAKE IT POSSIBLE). Match is a jerk to her team, she should go first.

TBFOBFDI(A): Firey wins and Dora (or Donut) loses!

Gogo67ify:Goiloitin(Gelatin)wins and F*CKING DORA IS ELIMINATED!

THMNS: Puffy.

Dr KAOS and draw: It pays to listen to Eraser, and Pen should work for Penisland.

What do you think of Battle for Maritime Temple? (Creator must not answer)

Nmcconnell: I think it's in a parallel universe.

TheACTUALBFDIfanevertoexist101: Wow, that's hard to explain. Well, in my own words, I'd have to say it's a WONDERFULLYSUPERLICIOUSLYAMAZINGLY GREAT fan fic! I loved reading it and I was so capitvated into it that I read it like, 5 times today! It was such a great fan fiction and I am excited to read more. Great job, Satanchu! :D :D :D :D From a scale from one to ten, I'd rate it 10100!

Thefreesmarter: WHY DO YOU NEED TO ASK?!?!?! I'M INTO THAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Too obsessed btw)

TBFOBFDI(A): watizit?

Thefreesmarter: It's here! :D

G(What happened here?)        ogo67ify: BEST...FANFIC...EVAR!!!!


What do you think of The Battle in Space? (Creator must not answer)

Nmcconnell: Stop asking what I think of things I've never seen.

Satanchu: Probably my favorite out of all of the fanfics I've ever seen. First of all, it's hilarious. Secondly, the creator made it the exact same way I planned to make mine; with PowerPoint. I am an expert PowerPointer, and I give TBIS an A++! :D

Thefreesmarter: IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!! A++

TBFOBFDI(A): whatisit???

Satanchu: It's here.


What is your favorite TV Show and Movie?

Nmcconnell: The Wizard of Oz. Oh, and if you've seen that, check out MadTV's hilare! (The wizard leaves Dorothy, and Glinda comes along. But this time Dorothy is quite hostile.) (Dorothy moves to Tampa, Florida; however, three hurricanes blow her house and crash it on great characters.) (She awakens to find M&M's!) (They meet a fifth person who wants to see the wizard, and Dorothy doesn't want to go home)

ElementalRaccoon: Ergh... I don't watch too much TV... I guess maybe Total Drama World Tour, Get Smart (Old show probably havent heard of it), and BBC's Little Dorrit. Yes, I watch BBC.  For movies, I gues Return of the Jeti, Life of Pi, or Ratatoulie. 

Satanchu: I'm not a big TV guy, but my favor-ite movie is Wreck-It-Ralph, and my favorite show is Chowder! :

TBFOBFDI(A): total drama series and wreck-it ralph!

Gogo67ify: Show-Total Drama Island Movie-Finding Nemo :3(Don't say it because i know it)

DrCoWaNdReW: Sitio do Picapau Amarelo (Updated: Looped)


In your opinion, who will win in RFVP? (Nope, not answering it...)

Nmcconnell: I have noooooooooo idea.


Satanchu: Well...maybe...Pencil. (that is, if Match isn't eliminated already)

Gogo67ify: In my opinion...Cherries

THMNS: I know. It's ************************.

In your opinion, who will win BFMT? (Battle For Maritime Temple)

Nmcconnell: Please!!

Tehfreesmarter: I'd say... Bow or Yoyleberry

TBFOBFDI(A): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[...]mmmmmmm....................

Gogo67ify:Souly :3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333


In your opinion, who will win BFST?

Nmcconnell: I DON'T KNOW!!

Thefreesmarter: Ummm....Uhhh...err.... hmmm... (I'm still trying to think)

TBFOBFDI(A) and the creator of BFST: Um... I think Yoyle Token, I think, but... it's you the voters :)!



What do you think of SonicBlaster203's game, and Object Conflict?

Nmcconnell: I think you need to think twice before asking me anything.

Satanchu: I'll admit he put great effort into it. They are quite interesting so far.

Thefreesmarter: The same thing goes for BFMT!!! Both are interesting :D

TBFOBFDI(A): IDK, but for the game, er... where can I find this?

Satanchu: It's Needy HMatch and PEnPencil Nickel Needy RMatch and PEn-------> LINK HERE

TBFOBFDI(A): good "here"! :)


Who do you think will win II2?

Nmcconnell: I don't care who wins, as long as the winner is seen asleep.

Satanchu: Lightbulb!

Gogo67ify:Test Tube!

nadiya2000: Either Lightbulb, Baseball (Because They are team captain), Marshmallow or other contestants who can compete in Inanimate Insanity 2.

THMNS: A case full of suit.

What is your favorite Yellow Face ad? (including ones in fanfics)

Nmcconnell: The one that mentions sleep. (The unremovable headphones one.)

Satanchu: The Box of Paper Slips ad!

THMNS: TOO LONG, DIDN'T LISTEN. I liek the one with Buble transmorphers.

What is your favorite Blocky's Funny Doings ad? (including ones in fanfics)

Satanchu: The one that involves the Announcer.

Dridontnkwo,yhdrhusduiaduybad: Firey.

THMNS: Firey's original.

Do you think videogames are cool?Do you want a BFDI game?(gogo67ify was here again)

Nmcconnell: Of course not. BOTO's first in line.

Satanchu: Most definitely!

Thefreesmarter: They are! (shocking for you guys) And yes of course! I want a BFDI video game :3

THMNS: ME 4! (lel bb)

Who do you think will win The Battle In Space?

TBFOBFDI(A): I'll not anwser because the only one to deserve win this is eliminated (no, really, Ruby deserve to win!)


Which show do you think is the best powerpoint show

Nmcconnell: Power Point Insanity.

DRKUMANEDR: Object Chaos


Who will win BFDI(A)?

Nmcconnell: You already asked that.

NLG343: Pen, if he joins...


Which original character will join BFDI Season 3?

NLG343: Firey, Pen, Puffball, Flower, Spongy, Leafy, Bubble, Blocky, Pencil, Book, Match and Eraser. Oh, and don't forget Announcer.


How many contestants will be in BFDI Season 3?

NLG343 13 Vets, 48 Total. Meaning 35 newbies, including Baseball Cap, Nemo, Lollipop, Clock and Tune. 30 are Mike Huang's choice.

DRDRKOWAMDREWM: 100 contestants, 10 teams.

THMNS: 20?

What will be the name of BFDI Season 3

NLG343: Battle For Dream Island World Tour

Dr5h0wamdrew:Tiki Prize Competition



drkowmandrew: He will say in reverse in episode 10: Holy crap! Is that an asteroid music?

THMNS: .liaf uoY ?ti desrever llits uoY

Who do you think will win BOTO, and which RC that didn't debut in BOTO is your favorite?

Fight, for all D.C. (Andrew) - I'M ON A BOAT!


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