Insanipedia is a the main character in Just a Tennis Ball Roleplay. and the mascot of Insanipedia, the Object Madness Wiki.


Insanipedia is a tennis ball, but is a different subspecies, despite the different stripe pattern. Her fur is blue, her stitchings are orange, and she has a bit of a hair tuft.

In her original design, she is a darker blue and a bit of a darker orange.


Due to being an inbred, she has a special organ that creates pickaxes and she of course she can choke them out at will.


Coming soon!


  • She is a tennis ball that coughs out pickaxes. Though some may not believe so.
  • Insanipedia was actually created on May 25th, 2017 when Derpyunikitty called the creator of the OC a furry.
  • Her stitchings glow when her stripes are struck with lightning.
    • It's actually just normal stitchings. Her mother, Magnifying Glass, enchanted them when she was three years old.
  • Insanipedia is a Christian, as she believes in Lord Tennis.
    • This is ironic considering she is partly enemies with Lord Tennis.
  • Insanipedia and Skysward are both friends, who knew each other ever since she was born.
  • In late 2017, Insanipedia's design is updated, with a much paler color and a more furry body.
  • Insanipedia is an inbred, explaining the scab on her head that caused her hair tuft and the ability to cough out pickaxes.


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