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" I think I know what's going on, you bought Infinity's QNA (July 2018), didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Hey all, Infinity here, going to answer some questions because...

1. I'm bored with this wiki and might as well do this

2. I saw an old QNA which I had apparently commented on a few years ago, which inspired me to do this kek

Anyway, ask away.

Questions and Answers

Question from SarancthaTFFM: If there was anything you'd like to ban on this wiki, what would it be?

Answer: Eh, I think everything in the mechanics of the wiki is fine right now, but if it gets too out of hand, I would get FANDOM to remove badges.

Question from Ceruglyphy: Can you go beat that guy up for me?

Answer: 8/8 blocked user impression

Question from MrYokaiandWatch902: Who do you like better, Blaster Gaster or Dialo from the Gray Garden?

Answer: Um, I never played Gray Garden, so I guess Blaster Gaster?

Question from BattleReviews: Who is your favorite BFB character?

Answer: Still Pen.

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