Inaninate Madness is a show that came out Sep. 9th. It has a total of 9 characters, but it had 8 at the start. The original contestants are Balloon, Cloud, Emoticon, Rocky, Bottle, Stick, and Sword. Glass & Dime are the debuters in this series.

Inanimate Madness


September 9th, 2012

Created by-

Inanimate Madness

Inanimate Madness Crew-

Inanimate Madness, MaximumPower2002


(Still airing)

After Episode 8, RUBBER BALL, came out, MaximumPower2002 joined as the first employee at Inanimate Madness. He will be animating, scripting, and voicing in Season 2. It has been said by him that he made the script for the Season 1 finale, but none is known on who's going to be eliminated, or who's gonna win.

It is currently unknown at the moment of there any episodes of Inanimate Madness on YouTube. It possibly due to the creator, MaximumPower2002, either deleting the episodes or just lost interest in the OSC. There only seems to be just a reaction video online of 2 of the episodes in the show from a user known as "TobyandJerryOffical". So currently, most or all of the episodes of the show are lost.


Balloon is a nice character, who will try her best in challenges. She made it to the Final 3, as revealed in Episode 9, but it is unknow if she will be eliminated or not in Episode 10.


Cloud is a Background character, doing nothing much in the show. She has made it to the Final 3, as revealed in Episode 9, but it is still unknown if she will be eliminated or not in Episode 10.


Emoticon was a very unhappy person. In the alternate Episode 9 script, it is seen that Emoticon and Glass hate each other, but a different script was used instead. Emoticion was the 6th to go home, with the second most votes ever, at 23.


Rocky did nothing in this series, except when he was chosen to do the challenge, he made the other team win, and made his team lose, causing him to be eliminated with 26 votes, the most ever.


Bottle is a very unsusual contestant, and he had the first line ever in Inanimate Madness, but was sadly eliminated in Episode 5, 'A Dive'. When he was sent to the alternate deminsion, Yellow Face was there, trying to eat him. In the end of Episode 9, Bottle escaped from Yellow Face, by jumping through a portal. It is unknown where the portal led him, however, MaximumPower2002 said it will be revealed in Episode 10.


Stick was a very minor character, and never interacted with anyone, he was eliminated very very soon after the merge.

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