Episode 1:The Race

Mephone4:Hello and welcome to inanimate insanity camp,this is a show where 27 objects will compete for $1,000,000, let’s meet them!

(Salt hugs OJ)


Nickel:Why should I?

OJ: Because we are friends.

Nickel:I don't have arms,and plus,Salt doesn't listen when she is deeply in love with you

Baseball:Hey Nickel wanna see something cool?


(Nickel and baseball walks to a tree)

Baseball:Check it out

Nickel:Yea,I guess it is cool,but it just a tree

Baseball,not just a tree

(Baseball knocks it and it shows something epic)


Baseball:This can be our secret hangout nobody can know about it

Mephone4(on microphone):SHUT UP AND GET OVER HERE!

(everyone arrives)

Mephone4:Alright great,so I will make the teams

team 1(the awesome blueberry):OJ,Salt,Pepper,Microphone,Bomb,Marshmallow,Apple,Box,Fan

Team 2(The cool blue):Knife,Nickel,Paper,Cherries,Trophy,Cheesy,Soap,Baseball,Bow

Team 3(The riggers):Light Bulb,Paintbrush,Pickle,Test Tube,Suitcase,Taco,Tissues.Yin-Yang,Balloon

Mephone4:The first challnge is a race from here to Yoyleland,the team that comes here first wins,and the team that comes here last is up for elimination,GO!

Light Bulb:How far is yoyleland?

Test Tube:according to miles,its 270,000 miles away

Balloon:Guys I think I have an idea

Pickle:You have an idea,we are not using it!

Balloon:Oh come on!

Suitcase:Pickle,Balloon is trying to reedeem himelf,just give him a chance


Balloon:Why don't we make a plane to get there

Pickle:Thats a great idea,but where can we get one

Balloon:I have it right here

(at the awesome blueberry)

OJ:So why don't we use a boat to get over there?

Salt:Wow,OJ,you are so smart and your hot <3


(at the cool blue)

Nickel:Anyone has any veticles

Knife:No!Do I look like I have any?

Nickel:DX,we're screw

Paper:I guess we can just walk

Mephone4:Well it loks like the awesome blueberry are in first,and The cool blue are in last

Balloon:Cmon guys(sppeds the plane)

MePhone4:Well,the riggers got in first,thanks to balloon


Balloon:I'm glad I won for my team,I hope no one knows me for my past ways in II

Salt:OJ is the hottest hottie I known,I even have a picture of him

Pepper:I really hate OJ!

Mephone4:Its down to the cool blue and the awesome blueberry

OJ:I think our speedboat ran out of energy,and its to tight in here,Box,get the fuel


Knife:Yes,we made it

Trophy:Yea,only because I am epic

Trophy:I am way better then Knife,I don't hold a dora doll,right fluttershy?(I'm not a brony)

Knife:Trophy is annoying,I kinda wish we lose so he can be eliminated

Mephone4:So the awesome blueberry are up for elimination,but first,lets show the tour around the island

Nickel(sarcastic):Wow,what a great host you are

Mephone4:One more sarcasm and your eliminated

Nickel:Wow,just because I'm sarcastic Mephone4 got mad at me

Mephone4:This is the kitchenand this is our chef cook hat

Cook Hat:Hai

Mephone4:Before and after challlenges you will be served food

Mephone4:This is the confessinal room,you already know what this is so it doesn't matter

Mephone4:This is the elimination areaeac time in the voting booth,you guys vote one out and the one with the most votes goes home and never comes back,ever,so lets get to eliminaton for the awesome blueberry

Mephone4:So,the awesome berry vote

OJ:I was gonna vote Salt,but Box didn't give me the fuel so I vote him

Salt:I vote Bomb because he betrayed my boyfriend


Microphone:I vote Box

Bomb:I-I-I-I v-v-v-v-v-o-o-o-t-e B-b-b-b-b-bo-o-o-x-x-x

Marshamllow:I vote Box

Apple:I vote Box for sending marshmallow to the ectophere

(Box sends a message to mepad saying he vote light bulb)

Fan:I vote Box

Mephone4:So,lets get to the votes,I have 8 smores,if you're safe,you get one,safe with 0 votes are Fan,Microphone,Marshmallow,Apple,Pepper,and Salt,so they get smores

Light Bulb:What am,I doing here?I'm not even on this team

Mephone4:True,but you got 1 vote

Light Bulb:Do I get a smore

Mephone4:No,now go  away

Light Bulb(while walking):awwwww

Mephone4:Bomb got one vote,here is your smore

  • bomb explodes*

Mephone4:Its down to OJ and Box,the final person safe is......

OJ:Please be me


Mephone4:OJ with 1 vote,box,with 6 votes,you are eliminated,go in the rejection portal

(Box stays)

(Mephone4 kicks box)

Mephone4:Who will go home next,will Salt and Pepper be enemies,will anyone figure out nickel and Baseball secret hangout,find out in the inanimate insanity camp

Episode 2:The Horrible Scavenger Hunt

Mephone4:Welcome back to the Inanimate Insanity camp,last time the challenge was a race and team awesome blueberry surpirsenly got in last,and Box was eliminated with 6 votes,who will be eliminated next,what will the next challenge be,find out in inanimate insanity camp

camrea:That was horrible

Mephone4:I'm working on it :(

(in the cafriteria)

Baseball:Hey Nickel,we should go to our secret hangout

Nickel:Yea,hey cook hat,me and baseball are full,can we leave

Cook Hat:Sorry,but I can't let you go


Cook Hat:It's against the rule,theres only two ways you can leave

1.If everyone finished their food

2.If you had to use the restroom

Baseball:Then Nickel and I have to use the restroom

Cook Hat:...................


Cook Hat:Okay bathrrom is outside

(Baseball and Nickel leaves to their secret hangout and plays video games and eat pizza)

Nickel:I beat you again

Baseball:I guess so

Nickel:Wait,is that Mephone4 calling us

Baseball:OH NO!We better hurry before he subspect us

Mephone4:Alright campers,its time for your next challenge

Eraser:Which is?


(fist thingy punches eraser)

Mephone4:Anyway,the next challenge is a scavenger hunt,here is your recipies

(Test Tube catches it)

Test Tube:What is it for?

Mephone4:Well,you see,I hidden the parts of the ingridents for the cake

Nickel:What is it for us?

Mephone4:well,the winning team will recieve cake and extra lunch,the losing team will be up for elimination

Lightbulb:yum,I love cake,its better than oatmeal rasin

(Paintbrush appears in Lightbulb Confessinal)

Paintbrush:Its better than oatmeal rasin YOU DUM DUM!OF COURSE ITS BETTER THAN OATMEAL RASIN!!!

Lightbulb:I didn't permit you to get in my confessinal


Baseball:We should split up,2 people each,and one 3 person

(a few minutes later)

Baseball:Okay,I'll go with Nickel,Cherries will go with soap,Knife will go with Trophy,and Cheesy will go with paper and Bow

Fan:I can do some online shopping

OJ:Shut up!


OJ:SHUT UP FAN!You are so annoying!

Fan:Why are you so mean? :(

Fan:OJ is really mean

OJ:Maybe I shouldv'e sayed sorry to him,well,he did take my noodle dumpling away

Balloon:I found Frosting

Suitcase:Yes,now all we need is sprinkles,sugar,flour,chocolate bar,and cookies

(at team cool blue at trophy and knife)

Knife:Trophy,I hate you


Knife:You blacked mailed me in Inanimate Insanity 2

Trophy:Why not,it was the only way me and you can be in an alliance


(a bear appears)

Knife:Ahhh!A bear

Bear:sup brahs(bros),come to my house,I'm sorry I scared you guys

(Knife and Trophy comes into the bear's house)

Bear:What do you guys want,I have anything,dead tiger,hot cocoa,,steak too

Knife:Well,we do need the recipe for a cake(shows bear the recipe)

Bear:Oh,I have that,here you guys go


Bear:No sweat it

(Trophy and Knife runs to baseball and nickel)

Knife:We have all the recipes

Trophy:Yea,I found it all to myslf

Knife:Trophy you jerk,a bear gave it to us,I wish you can be disquallified

(Baseball gives the ingrident to Mephone4)

Mephone4:The cool blue win,its down to the riggers and the awesome blueberry

(Team riggers come looking beaten up)

Balloon:We have the recipe(pops)

Suitcase:Yea,it took us a long time

Mephone4:team awesome blueberry are up for elimination again

Lightbulb:Awwww,no cake :(

Baseball:I'm glad we got cake

Trophy:All thanks to me

(Knife throws a piece of cake to Trophy)


(Trophy throws a piece of cake to Knife,but misses and hits Baseball)

(Baseball throws a piece of cake to Trophy)

Cheesy:Cake fight!Get it?

Trophy:Cheesy you little twerp!(throws cake at cheesy)

(a food fight occurs)

Cook Hat:Hey!It took me a long time to make that cake,as for this,no extra food!

Mephone4:Okay,so,that was odd,so lets get to elimination,so people cast your votes

OJ:I vote Fan,he is annoying

Salt:I still vote bomb

Pepper:OJ!he is annoying

Microphone:I gotta vote OJ

Bomb:I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I v-v-v-v-v-o-o-o-t-t-t-t-e-e-e Pepper




Mephone4:Okay,the prizes are smores,without the marshmallow and chocolate,but with granham cracker,peanut butter,and jelly,so,safe with 0 votes is Salt,Marshmallow,Apple,and Microphone,they get smores

(Apple eats it)

Apple:Its more yummy than the original smore

Mephone4:Also safe with 1 vote is Fan and Bomb,they may get bomb

(Bomb explodes and Fan get blown away by the explosion)


Mephone4:Its down to OJ and Pepper,well,you 2 were tied with 3 votes each,so the tie-breaker challenge is to eat this egg,if the person doesn't eat it,then he/she will be eliminated

Pepper:eew,I'm not eating the egg

(OJ eats the egg)

OJ:eeew,I think I'm gonna


Mephone4:Pepper is eliminated,go to the rejection portal

Pepper:Okay,good bye Salty-Salt,win this for me

Salt:Oh no!Pepper!Goodbye pepper :(

(Pepper goes in the rejection portal)

Mephone4:Will Salt be crying about Pepper,will I get a new assitence,will sonic the hedgehog come her.Dang it!I gotta stop spoiling!Oh well,find out in episode 3

Episode 3:Sonic the Hedgehog(part 1)

Mephone4:Hello and welcome to Inaniate Insanity camp,last time the challenge was a scavenger hunt,surprisenly,team cool blue won,thanks to a bear,and Pepper ended up losing in a tie-breaker,causing her elimination,who will be eliminated,find out in Inanimate Insanity camp

Salt:Pepper! :(,I wish you were still here,we barely interacted in this camp,and we're like like best friends

Knife:When will baby face shut up,

Pickle:Idk,and I got tears in my lunch thanks to her,I'm not eating anymore

(Salt starts crying)

Bow:eeeew,ugly face is crying

Mephone4:SHUT UP AND GET OVER HERE!Anyway,we have a special guest,he's Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic:Hey guys


Salt:OMG Sonic is cute,more cuter than OJ

Nickel:This Sonic Generation 3ds is a ripoff of the original one

Mephone4:So you guys are wondering why I brought Sonic,well,here is the 2 reason why

1.I was the contest winner :D

2.He knows how to transport you guys to video game version

Nickel(sarcastic):Real great

Mephone4:WHAT DID I SAY!

Test Tube:Wait,video game,what does that have to do with the challenge

Mephone4:Because the next challenge is a video game

Sonic:Thats right,you guys will have 3 life,if you lose all your life,you cannot regenerate until 24 hours has passed.There is a boss at the end,if you beat the boss,you can leave the video game world,so let me do it now

(Sonic transport them into the video game world)

Test Tube:This is cool,according to science.

Knife:Who cares Science nerd(kicks Test Tube into a black hole)

Test Tube:Science rule!(dies,and recovers)

(Mephiles appears out of nowhere and kills Knife)

Knife:Ow,what the heck Mephi(dies and recovers)

(Trophy kicks Mephiles into a black hole)




OJ:I think we have bigger problems

(everyone is surronded by enemies)


Sorry for the episode being so short,it was mainly due to Lazyness

Episode 4:Deaths(part 2)

Balloon:Oh crap,this is not good

(Apple sees a star and touches it)

Apple:hahahaha suckers

(Apple kills enemies)

(Everyone runs)

(Team Awesome blueberry walks to a button)

Apple:Do I press it

OJ:Of course,you press it you DUM DUM OF COURSE YOU PRESS IT!

(Apple cries)

OJ:Apple I'm sorry,its just that I'm tired of doing challenges,and I'm tired of our tea being up for elimination,do you forgive me


(Apple presses it and everyone on the awesome blueberry dies except Apple and Marshmallow)

Marshmallow:I think you were suppose to press the other button

(Apple presses it and all the enemies dies)

(Mephiles appears)

Mephiles:hahahaha(Mephiles clones himself)Wheres your team now

Test Tube:Mephiles,why are you doing this?

Mephiles:FOR ILBLIS!(Mephiles punches Test Tube and she dies)

(Test Tube recovers)

Test Tube:Oh great,now I have 1 life left

Knife:Me too

(5 hours later due to lazyness)

Apple:Oh great,only me,Test Tube,Suitcase,Nickel,and Balloon are left,and we each have 1 life left

Balloon:On the bright side,we're at the boss

Mephiles:So you guys came

Apple:Not you again

Mephiles:SHUT UP!(Mephiles kills Apple with a choas sword)

(Mephiles turns into a choas crystal)


(Choas Crystal pops Balloon)

(Test Tube,Nickel,and Suitcase runs)

(Choas Crystal kills Test Tube)

Suitcase,he's to strong(Suitcase dies)

Choas Crystal:Just you left

(Choas Crystal uses choas sword on Nickel,but Nickel deflects the sword)

Choas Crystal:huh?NOOOOOOOO!(dies)

Nickel:I won for my team :D

(Nickel goes back to the real word)

Mephone4:Nickel wins for his team,now what Snoic

Sonic:Lets wait 24 hours to recover the dead contestants

(24 hours later and all the contestants recovers)

Mephone4:The Cool Blue wins,and The Awesome Blueberry faces another eliminationvote who you want to be eliminated The Awesome Blueberry








Mephone4:So lets read the votes,only 3 of you are safe with 0 votes,and they are Microphone,Marshmallow,and Fan,so they get smores,safe with 1 vote is Apple and Bomb,so they get smores too


Mephone4:Its down to Salt and OJ,the last person safe is.......OJ with 1 vote,Salt,I'm sorry but with 4 votes,you are eliminated

Salt:NO!(walks to rejection portal)



(both walks to each other,but Salt crashes into Box)

Mephone4:Stay tune in another episode of Inanimate Insanity camp

Episode 5:Next Top Baker

Mephone4:Welcome back to Inanimate Insanity camp,last time the challenge was a video game,Mephiles came up and killed lots of people,it ended up with the cool blue winning once again,and the awesome blueberry faces their third elimination,in the end,Salt ended up being eliminated with 4 voted against her,who will be eliminated next,find out in inanimate insanity camp,with our new theme song


OJ:Its so great for Salt to finally be gone

Microphone:Well if we're upfor elimination,we know who we will be voting for

Microphone:In case you don't know who I'm voting for,I'm voting for OJ if we're up for elimination again

Mephone4:Alright camper,its time for your next challenge

Knife:Which is?

Mephone4:Its a baking contest,here is your ingredients,and there is a reward

Eraser:Which is?


(Fist thingy punches eraser)

Mephone4:Anyway,the reward is gonna be a pool party,you have one hour to make it,now GO!

Marshmallow:I'm gonna make a cookie cake

(Apple adds alot of frosting into her mixing)

Suitcase:uhhh,Apple,what are you making


Suitcase: :|,okay,I'm gonna make chicken

Suitcase: :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :| :|

(Suitcase makes chicken with seasoning)

Balloon:I'm gonna make a birthday cake(so he does)

(30 minutes later)

Trophy:Oh crap I didn't make food,hmmmmm(ding)takes flowers from the ground,add water,put it in the oven)

Trophy:Oh great,all I have is a stupid flower pot |:(

(30 minutes later)

Mephone4:Times up,I will annouce the three judges,and they are me,Can from DOT $100,000,000,and the announcer from bfdi,lets start with team cool blue first

Knife:Its yoyleberry juice

Mephone4:yoyleberry!I give it a 5/10

Can:I give it a 6/10

Announcer:I hate yoyleberry,so I give it a 2/10

Mephone4:So your total score is a 13/30,next is Nickel

Nickel:uhh I made smores with triple granham cracker,big fluffy rainbow marshmallow,and  dark chocolate

Mephone4:yum,I give it a 9/10

Can:10/10.I love smore!


Mephone4:So Nickel got a 27/30.Next up is Paper

Paper:Well,I made a cake out of hotel OJ,because I like hotels




Mephone4:So Paper gets an 12/30.Next up is Cherries

Cherries:We made a cookie cake of ourself

Mephone4:I love cookies,but you get a 4/10



Mephone4:So cherries get a 6/30,next is trophy

Trophy:All I got is a stupid Flower pot




Mephone4:So Trophy gets a 0/30.Next up is Cheesy

Cheesy:Well I made cheesy crackers,get it(slaps knee)

Mephone4:That wasn't funny,you get a 5/10

Can:I agree,you also get a 3/10


Mephone4:So Cheesy got 12/30,next is Soap

Soap:I made an germ-free cookie

Mephone4:I love cookies,10/10



Mephone4:Soap get a 22/30,next is Baseball

Baseball:Well,I made a chicken that look like a bat

Mephone4:outstanding,you get a 6/10



Mephone:Baseball,you got a 15/30,next is Bow

Bow:Its a cake chair(eats it)I'm getting sick

Mephone4:I'm tired of cake,plus,you're annoying,so 0/10


Announcer:chairs are okay,so I guess an 6/10

Mephone4:Bow got a 10/30,so in total,the cool blue got 117 points total,next is the riggers,first up is Light bulb

Light Bulb:Its oatmeal rasin cookies




Mephone4:So LB gets a 8/30,next is Paintbrush

Paintbrush:Wow,I made a colorful cookie


Can:I'm getting tired with cookies,so 1/10

Announcer:Me too,1/10

Mephone4:So Paintbrush gets a 12/30,next is pickle

Pickle:Well,I made steakwith extra seasonings


Can:I love steak 10/10


Mephone:Pickle got a 19/30,next up is Test Tube

Test Tube:Its scientific blobs,and it taste like candy




Mephone4:So Test Tube gets a 16/30,next is Suitcase

Suitcase:Its seasoned chicken




Mephone4:Suitcase got a  21/30,next is Taco





Taco:Screw you

Mephone4:Taco got a 2/10,next up is Tissue

Tissue:Its a guitair cake(Sneezes)



Announcer:I don't want germ,so 1/10

Mephone4:So Tissue score is 12/30,next is Yin-yang

Yin:Its an angel cake

Yang:NO!Its a devil cake

Yin:We made both




Mephone4:Yin-Yang got 8/10,last is Balloon

Balloon:A birthday cake


Can:6/10,its about to be my birthday


Mephone44:Balloon gets a 13/30,so team rigger score is 111 points,last but not least,team awesome blueberry,first up,OJ

OJ:A hot dog



Announcer:3/10,do you know what they are madef from?

Mephone4:So OJ gets a 15/30.Next up is Microphone

Microphone,itsss a ckae staue of mephone4

Mephone4:A 10/10



Mephone4:So Microphone gets a 21/30next up is Bomb

Bomb:I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I g-g-g-g-g-g-o-o-o-o-o-t-t-t-t-t a  s-s-s-s-ss-s-ss--s-t-t-t-t-t-t-a-a-a-a-a-a-t-t-t-t-u-u-u-u-e-e-e o-o-oo-o-f-f-f-ff- M-M-M-M-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-r-ri-i-i-i-i-o-o-o-o




Mephone4:Bomb gets a 27/30,next up is Marshy

Marshmallow:A cookie cake with frosting




Mephone4:So Marshy gets a 22/30,next is Apple

Apple:Its a statue of II2 that is made out of frosting I think




Mephone4:Surprisenly Apple got an 30/30.Next up is Fan

Fan:Its a laptop cake,I can even write my blog on it




Mephone4:Fan gets a 17/30,so The Awesome Blueberry gets 135 points,lets tally up the score

The cool Blue:117 points

The Riggers:111 points

The Awesoe Blueberry:135 points

Mephone4:So The Awesoe Blueberry won,all thanks to Apple

Microphone:Way to go Apple


Apple:I'm glad I won for a team :)

(At the pool party)

Apple:Come on OJ and microphone,get in

OJ:I can't swim

Microphone:Me neither

Apple:Suit yourself,butler,more cookies

Mephone4:Alright riggers,get voting

Light Bulb:Taco



Test Tube:Taco


Taco:Light bulb


Yin:I vote for....



Mephone4:Well,there is no smore,today prizes is Apple's II2 statue cut in pieces,these people are safe with 0 votes and they are Paintbrush,Pickle,Test tube,Suitcase,Tissues,and Balloon,here is your II1 statue pieces

(Balloon pops)

Mephone4:Safe with 1 vote is Yin-Yang


Yang:NOOO!Its mine!(eats it)

Mephone4:Its down to Light bulb and Taco,the final piece of II1 statue goes to....



Mephone4:Lightbulb with 1 vote,Taco is eliminated

Taco:You idiots,there is no way I'm leaving

(fist thingy punches Taco to the rejection portal)

Mephone4:Will The Awesome Blueberry remain their victory,will team cool blue be up for elimination,find out in Inanimate Insanity Camp

Episode 6:Fathers day special

Mephone4:Welcome back to the Inanimate Insanity camp,last time,the contestant had to bake something,and thanks to Apple,team Awesome Blueberry had their first victory,and the riggers ad their first elimination,and Taco was eliminated with 7 votes against her,who will be eliminated nextfind out in Inanimate Insanity camp

(theme song)

Pickle:Taco deserved to be eliminated


Pickle:Because of her past life in episode 18,she acted like a jerk


Yang:Adurrr stupid!

Mephone4:Its time for the next challenge

Knife:Which is


Knife: :C

Mephone4:Anyway,bowserjr2215 told me to get a great present for his dad,so the next challenge is to think of a fathers day gift,this is a team challenge,so all of your team must particapate,if they don't,then your team is automatically up for elimination,you have 1 hour to think of it,GO!!

Trophy:Ok,so only the strongest people can do this,so Baseball,you can't do it,because of youre fatness

Baseball:I'M NOT FAT!(kicks Trophy)

Trophy:ahhhhhhhh(falls into dirt)Baseball can compete,so these are the people joining the presition thing,Me,Knife,Baseball,and Paper


OJ:So what can we do

Marshallow:Maybe we can do the harlem shake

OJ:That is a great idea

(1 hour later)

Mephone4:Times up,and I have bowserjr2215's dad here to judge yall

bowserjr2215's dad:Hi

Mephone4:First up,team cool blue

Trophy:Hello and this is us working out

(Trophy,Baseball,Knife,and Paper works out)

bowserjr2215's dad:ummm,it needed all your teammates,so I say 3/10,if you had all your team members,you would've had a 7/10

Mephone4:Next up is the riggers

Suitcase(while singing):Evacuate the dance floor

Balloon amd Yin:Oh-oh oh-oh

Suitcase:Evacuate the sounds

Balloon and Yin:Oh-oh oh-oh

Suitcase:Stop this beat is killing me

Balloon and Yin:oh-oh oh-oh

Suitcase(talking to Pickle):Hey little DJ.....

(5 minutes later)

bj2215's dad:8/10

Mephone4:finally,its team awesome blueberry

(OJ does the harlem shake,then everyone on team awesome blueberry does the harlem shake)

b2215's dad:I say an 8/10,what OJ was doing is horrible

Mephone4:Both Riggers and awesome blueberry wins,so the cool blue is up for elimination,vote one out





Trophy:Cheesy,his jokes are horrible


Soap:Trophy.AHHH GERMS!(cleans it)

Baseball:Trophy,for calling me fat!

Bow:Trophy,and buy a chair!

Mephone4:So the prizes are chocolate bars,safe with 0 votes are Baseball,Bow sadly,Nickel,Knife,Soap,Cherriesand Paper,Trophy and Cheesy,you are the bottom 2,the person safe with 1 vote is........

Trophy:Give it to me,don't give it to that retarded cheese

Cheesy:Hey!That was't very shiny of you(slaps knee)

Mephone4:Cheesy with 1 vote,Trophy,with 8 votesyou are eliminated,go to the rejection portal

Trophy:Its all you idiots fauly,when I escape,I will....

(fist thingy punches Trophy to the rejection portal)

Mephone4:Who will be eliminated next,will team awesome blueberry still be a winning team,find out in Inanimate Insanity Camp :3

Episode 7:The "Hunger" Games

Mephone4:Welcome back to the Inanimate Insanity Camp,,last time the challenge was a father days special,turns out,The Awesome Blueberry won again,and Trophy ended up getting the boot,who will be eliminated,find out in total drama I-I-i mean Inanimate Insanity Camp

(Theme Song)

Test Tube:OJ,can I talk to you outside?

OJ:Sure,Cook Hat,we have to use the restroom

Cook Hat:What is up with all of yall using the restroom?Anyway,go

OJ:So what is it Test Tube?

OJ:Test Tube and I are the 2 smartest in this show,well,maybe Paintbrush and Marshmallow too,but,who cares,which is why Test Tube is my favorite girl in the show,yea thats right,I do not like/date Salt

Test Tube:OJ's pretty cute(starts blusing

OJ:So what is it?

Test Tube:Lets make a secret alliance you know...

OJ:But we're on different team

Test Tube(comes closer to OJ):So,what if we make one to make it to the final 2,or 3,or 4,whatever

OJ:Okay so lets make a deal to secretly help ourself by making mistakes accidently on purpose,and let hope hope the Cool Blue will be up for elimination,deal?

Test Tube:Deal

(both shakes hand)

Test Tube:So um....


(Both starts making out)

Test Tube:I'm sorry for that

OJ:No,it was me,I don't know what came over me

Test Tube:How bout one more kiss?


(Both about to kiss)

Mephone4:Campers,it is time for your next challenge!

Test Tube:We shouldd go

OJ:Ya think smart gal?

(Test Tube laughs)

Mephone4:YThe next challenge is the hunger Gamers

Knife:Yes!I get to kill people,you first Marshmallow

(Knife chases Marshmallow while she screams)

Apple:Knife stop!(chases after them)

Mephone4:Thats enough!Anyway,the challenge isn't the actual hunger game,instead,you guys will have to go 24 hours without eating

Knife(stops chasing Marshmallow):This should be easy

Mephone4:Oh yea,there will be foods around the areas to make you seem more despirite for foods,now go!

Yin:I'm hungry

Yang:Too bad,and I will eat food!


(Yang eats foods)

Marshmallow:Yang,you eat wrecklessy,alright,you need to go to the calm down corner

Yang:No I don't!(punches Marshmallow so hard that she falls into root beer)

Mephone4:Yin-Yang and Marshmallow are out

Marshmallow:Don't laugh about me getting hit by Yang again |:C

Apple:How is Marshmallow out!She didn't even eat anything!

Mephone4:Well,if you seen the root beer she fell into,she had her mouth open,so she was drinking,and she is out

(7 hours later)

Mephone4:So these are the people left

The Awesome Blueberry:OJ,Microphone,Bomb,and Fan

The Cool Blue:Baseball,Cheesy,Soap,and baseball

The Riggers:Lightbulb,Paintbrush,Test Tube,Balloon


Knife:Imma throw a hot dog at the team

(Balloon jumps to saves Lightbulb,but pops,and Lightbulb shatters)

Mephone4:Balloon and Lighty are out

Paintbrush:but they didn't even eat any food

Mephone4:Oh yeah,I forgot,if you die,your out,but you can't kill,or your out as well

(Test Tube drinks)

paintbrush:Test Tube,you just drank that thing from brawl of the objects

(Test Tube turns frozen)

Test Tube:O-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h,oops

Test Tube:I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I m-m-m-m-a-a-a-a-y-y-y-y h-h-h-h-h-a-a-a-v-v-ve been f-f-f-r-r-o-o-z-e-n,but I d-d-d-d i-i-i-t-t-t for OJ

Paintbrush:Something subspicous with Test Tube

(8 hours later)

Mephone4;9 hours left,and when will these 9 are in it,when will they eat?Al right MePad,its time too do step 2

MePad:Of Course

Toilet:What about me Mr.Phone

Mephone4:I forgot I tied you up and you escaped

Toilet:Yep,that taught me a lession

Mephone4:Go get me some wires(whispers to himself)retard

Toilet:Sure thing Mr.Phone

MePad:Don't you want some delicous food,something to eat???

Microphone:I can't take it!(pours water on herself,and she dies)

Bomb:I--I-I-I-II-I-I-I-I-II-I-I-I a-a-a-a-aa-ate t-t-t-t-o-o-oo-o--o m-m-m-u-c-c--h-h b-b-b-breakfast(explodes)

Mephone4:Bomb and Microphone are out

(8 hours and 59 minutes later)


Paintbrush is left on the riggers

OJ is left on the awesome blueberry

and Baseball is left on the cool blue

Paintbrush:I can't take it anymore!(eats a whole chicken)

Mephone4:So the awesome blueberry are up for elimination

OJ:I can eat again(eats blueberries)

Mephone4:You do relize that wasn't from the feast and you can possibly be contaminated and you got in second which mean the cool blue won


OJ:I really hope you don't get eliminated

Test Tube:Thanks,I think you deserve the win more than me(kisses OJ on the cheek)now I need to go to the elimination area,you have to go


Mephone4:Cast your votes

Test Tube:Paintbrush is my friend,so i have to vote Yin-Yang(falls over)I forgot I was frozen

Light Bulb:Test Tube,she isn't so sciencey now


Suitcase:Yin-Yang is wreckless and mean so I vote him

Tissue:Gwuys I vote Yin-Yang gwuys(sneezes)

Yang:I vote Paintbrush she is a dumb idiot

Yin:Paintbrush is a boy

Yang:Shut up(slaps Yin)

Yin:You know,I just relized you take over who I vote for

Paintbrush:Hurry up!



Mephone4:So the prizes are oatmeal rasins cookies

Lightbulb:mm Oatmeal Rasins


Mephone4:Safe with 0 votes are Lightbulb,Balloon,Pickle,Suitcase,and Tissues

Lightbulb:mmmm,Oatmeals(eats it)

Mephone4:its down to you three,Test Tube,you purpously ate food

Test Tube:No I didn't

Mephone4:Yes you did,your horrible at acting

Test Tube:Well I have a 1.114 chance of being safe

Mephone4:Who cares,Paintbrush,you were the last one standing,but youwere the reason that your team lost

Paintbrush:Not y faultyou had a horrible hunger games

Mephone4:and Yin-Yang,you were the first one out,which was stupid

Yin:Yea,I'm sorry,if I was split,it would've been better,but I control him

yang:shut up!

Mephone4:Well,Paintbrush is safe with 1 vote,so he gets an oatmeal rasin

Paintbrush:Here Lightbulb,you want it


Mephone4:Lets reveal the votes,the last person safe is..............................

Yin :C

Yang >:C

Test Tube: :|

Mephone4:Test Tube,with 1 vote,sorry Yin-Yang,but you must go to the calm down corner

Yin:I can't believe i'm eliminated

Yang:Its your fault,your a dumb idiot!

Yin:No its your!!!!!!

Knife:Shut up and go you annoying freak(kicks Yin-Yang)

Mephone4:Will Test Tube and OJ secret alliance be found out?Will Salt be jelous about OJ dating Test Tube?Will Lightbulb love of oatmeal rasins cookies annoy her teammates?Find out in Inanimate Insanity Camp

Episode 8:The Drama begins

Paintbrush:Can you believe our team lost?

Test Tube:Ya I wonder why?

Paintbrush:Don't play dumb with me,its obvious your part of the reason we lost

Test Tube:Me?!How?

Paintbrush:Its pretty obvious,I saw you and OJ having an agreement to throw each other in challenges and let me tell you this.I'm gonna tell the whole team and if we lose,you're gone

*Paintbrush walks away angrily*

That is the preview more coming soon

Elimination Table

Name team eliminated in place reason votes
Box The Awesome Blueberry episode 1 27th Is the most useless on the team 6
Pepper The Awesome Blueberry episode 2 26th because of her annoyence to some others and because of her personality,and lost in a tie-breaker 3

The Awesome Blueberry

episode 4 25th Is one of the most annoying contestants,and her personality 4
Taco The Riggers episode 5 24th For having the lowest score on her team 7
Trophy The Cool Blue episode 6 23rd For blackmailing Knife in Inanimate Insanity 2 8
Yin-Yang The Riggers episode 7 22nd For fighting with themself 7
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