In this fanfic, 14 chosen characters go head to head for $1,000,000!! That's right, $1,000,000! Along with 2 newcomers, you will not believe what happens on Inanimate Insanity Island!

Sorry! This is cancelled! Come and take a look what happened since 2011! You can look for days it happened!


Host: Jacob (that's me)

Aftermath Host: The speaker








Ice Cube







Golf Ball

Penny (the new Coiny)

Rose (the cunning flower)

Episode 1- It Begins

Jacob: Hey everybody! Welcome to a new show called Inanimate Insanity Island! Where you can win $1,000,000! Is that awesome or what?

Speaker: Yeah.

Jacob: That's the Speaker.

Speaker: Hey world. *conf* I still can't believe I got demoted.

Jacob: Now let's meet the contestants in alphabetic order starting with......Blocky!

Blocky: Hey all!

Jacob: Bubble!

Bubble: Hey gois!

Jacob: Eraser!

Eraser: Yeah! The eraser still has it!

Jacob: Firey!

Firey: Hey everyone!

Jacob: Flower!

Flower: I better win, or, or, I'LL CRUSH YOU ALL!

Jacob: Golf Ball!

Golf Ball: And my chances of winning are 5.555%

Jacob: Ice Cube!

Ice Cube: Hi.

Jacob: Leafy!

Leafy: Nice!

Jacob: Match!

Match: Hello everybody!

Jacob: Pen!

Pen: Yo everybody!

Jacob: Pencil!

Pencil: *texting on her cellphone which is shaped like a pencil* Wha? Uh, Hey.

Jacob: Rocky!

Rocky: Puuah. *vomit*

Jacob: Spongy!

Spongy: Yay!

Jacob: And Woody.

Woody: Aaaahhh, hemmmmmm......

Jacob: Oh, not only that we have 2 newcomers, he claims to be the new Coiny, Penny!

Penny: I am the new Coiny!

Jacob: He is a cunning flower all the way from Spain, Rose!

Rose: *enters in a cunning and sly way* Hola.

Pencil and Match: Whoa!

Ice Cube: Wooow!

Golf Ball: *falling in love with Rose* My chances of resisting his charm is 0.000%.

Flower: *rolls eyes*

Jacob: OK, that's it, so the 1st challenge begins in a bit... but first we must pick teams.

Spongy: Where?

Jacob: There.

  • so...........*

Jacob: OK, for teams, I will choose randomly.

Rose: Excellente.

Woody; *mumbling*

Jacob: So, Eraser, Match, Penny, Ice Cube, Golf Ball, Spongy, Blocky and Firey is team 1 and Pen, Leafy, Rocky, Bubble, Flower, Rose, Pencil and Woody is team 2 with Eraser and Pen as team captains, so now choose your names.

  • at team 1*

Ice Cube: How about Team Victory like in TDWT?

Blocky: No way! That's a jinx!

Spongy: Uhhhhh, team Taco Sauce?

Eraser: What?!?!

  • at team 2*

Pen: I'd say we'd flip a coin, heads is Team Ultra and tails is Team Epic.

Bubble: Yoy!

Pen: *flips coin and it goes tails* OK, Team Epic it is.

Woody: *mumbles*

Pen: *conf* Though some are not Epic at all.

Jacob: OK, Team Epic and Team Taco Sauce... so be it. OK, now off to your 1st challenge!

Eraser: Which is??!?!?!?!?!?!

Jacob: A handstand contest. *puts them all on a rope* It's simple, all you have to do is to try to hold a handstand for as long as you can. If you fall, you're out for your team.

Leafy: I hope that doesn't happen.

Jacob: Maybe you'll get lucky, and... drop ropes! *ropes drop on their teams mats along with them, Bubble pops and Woody falls*

Ice Cube: *falls*

Leafy: *headstands*

Firey: *falls*

Penny: *falls* Drat!

Spongy: *with Eraser and Golf Ball* Let's form an alliance!

Golf Ball: Great idea!

Eraser: Yeah!

Blocky: *falls* Crud!

  • after a few moments, only 7 contestants are left, Spongy, Eraser and Golf Ball for Team Taco Sauce and Pen, Leafy, Rocky and Flower for Team Epic*

Pen: *falls* Whoa!

Flower: *wobbles a bit* Whoa, Whoa, Whoa-

Rocky: Puuah. *vomits at Flower*

Flower: *falls*

Eraser: *falls* Ahh man!

Leafy: *wobbles and falls on Rocky* OWWW!

Rocky: Sorry!

Jacob: That's it, Team Taco Sauce wins it! But who gets the immunity ticket?

Spongy: *falls*

Jacob: Golf Ball wins the ticket!

Golf Ball: What is the Immunity Ticket?

Jacob: This ticket makes you immune from elimination, meaning that you did better than the rest.

Golf Ball: Cool!

Jacob: Team Epic, you are up for elimination. So, it's time for Cake at Stake!

  • drum-roll* CAKE AT STAKE!
  • at the Cake at Stake*

Jacob: OK, Team Epic, let's see how many votes we got. *vote tally goes to 10* OK, 10. Now, let's pass out the cake, it's chocolate cake. If you get a piece, you're safe. If you don't get one, you go to the Tiny Loser Chamber. Pen, you had 0 votes so you're safe.

Pen: YEAH! *gets his cake*

Jacob: Flower, Pencil and Rocky also have 0 votes, so they get cake. *gives them chocolate cake*

Bubble: Oih noi, I'm in the boitom 4!

Jacob: Leafy, with only 2 votes, you're safe.

Leafy: Yes! *gets chocolate cake*

Jacob: Bubble, you received 2 votes as well.

Bubble: Phew. *gets chocolate cake*

Jacob: Woody, Rose...... you're the last 2, with 1 piece left, the last one safe is.....................

Woody: *mumbling*

Rose: *calm*

Jacob: Rose.

Rose: Yes!

Jacob: With 2 votes for Rose, he's safe. Woody has 4 votes, so he's eliminated.

Woody; *finally talks* Well, I guess that's it for me.

  • Sender Scoop Thrower throws Woody to the TLC*

Jacob: And that's that!

*Woody's final words*

Woody: ............*mumbles*.......spiders...............wolves...........snakes!...*screams and faints*

Day 2- Boat Races

Golf Ball: OK, so who are we gonna vote for if we lose the challenge?

Eraser: Which is??????

Spongy: IDK.

Ice Cube: Hey guys, can I join your alliance?

Eraser: No, we have plenty of people on our alliance.

Ice Cube: Ahh.

Golf Ball: OK, so now what?

Jacob: *blows whistle* CHALLENGE TIME! Today's challenge is a boat race. As you can see, there are 2 boats for both teams. Whoever get to their team to the finish line first wins a immunity ticket, and which team comes in first wins.

Pencil: Sweet!

Match; Totally awesome!

Pen: Yeah! *Team Epic and Team Taco Sauce get in their boats*

Jacob: Ready, steady, GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *boats go and trade leads until....*

  • At Team Epic's boat*

Motor: *running out of gas*

Pen: What the?

Flower: Ahh, come on! It can't be out of gas now!

Pen: Quick! Everyone, find a paddle!

Flower: ......uuuh, we could just use Rose. Duh.

Rose: Que? *put in the water and Rocky paddles with his feet*

Rocky: Puuah. *vomits*

Pen: ....we are screwed!

Flower: Yep.

  • after a few hours, Team Taco Sauce ended up crossing the finish line with Firey burning the finish line*

Jacob: And Team Taco Sauce wins! Firey wins a immunity ticket too.

Firey: Yeah!

Jacob: Now, let's get Team Epic. *few minutes later* Let's do Cake at Stake.

  • drum-roll* CAKE AT STAKE!

Jacob: OK, Team Epic, you know why you're here. Right?

Team Epic: Yeah.

Jacob: OK, so this time we've gotten. *vote counter says 2 votes* Wait, that doesn't look right. *1 comes up and makes it 12 votes* There we go. This is the 1st time we used a 2, We didn't know if it would work. Ok so today's cake is a strawberry shortcake.

Flower: YAY!

Jacob: Whoa, Someone likes Strawberries.

Flower: Sorry, It's just that their so.........AWESOME!

Jacob: Well your in luck, Flower, You got the 1st piece of cake.

Flower: YES! *Gets her cake* WOOOOOOOO!

Jacob: Also with no votes is Rose and Pencil

Pencil: Yeah! *Rose and Pencil both get cake*

Jacob: Pen, You got 1 vote, Your safe.

Pen: *gets his cake*

Jacob: So it's down to Rocky, Bubble or Leafy with 2 votes, Rocky, Your safe.

Rocky: Bleh! *vomits up her cake*

Bubble: Oy noy! I'm doomed!

Pencil: Oh no!

Jacob: Ok, One of you got 3 votes and one of you got 6 votes. And the last cake goes to........................

Bubble: *scared*

Leafy: *scared*

Jacob: Bubble.

Bubble: Yoy! *gets her cake*

Jacob: Leafy, With 6 votes you are out of the game.

Leafy: Wha?

  • Superscooper sends her to the TLC*

Jacob: And then there were 14. Who will be next to say bye bye to a million? Find out next time on III!

*Leafy's Final Words*

Leafy: *sadly at the camera* It's so weird that i'm here early when I went so far last season, I really hope Firey wins the money.......I sure hope the food isn't bad here.

Woody: Trust me, The only food here is Bread.

Leafy: Bread?!?!?! OMG, I'm allergic to Bread! *bread gets served to her and she gets hives and passes out*

Day 3- Fleapadz

Rocky: Bleh. *barfs*

Eraser: ......I'm guessing you want to join the allience huh?

Spongy; That'll take you $300,000.

Rocky: *with paper slips* Bleh.

Spongy: .........Deal!

Golf Ball: Allright! A new member!

Pencil: *conf* O...M....G, This is so hilare! I'm in the top 14 and their's 3 couples left, GB and TB, Me and Rose and Flower and- *interuppted by a ad*

Blocky: Hey dudes! Watch this! Put the Leafy Recovery Center in a pool of bread and watch Leafy get hives infantly! It's a great prank! Hahahahahahahaha!

Tennis Ball: This progam...Was brought to Blocky's Funny Doings....International.

Blocky in logo: *smiles biggly and thumbs up* *Ad ends*


Blocky: *laughs* lololololololololol Leafy didn't see what was coming!

  • Meanwhile......*

Flower: Psst, Penny, Can I tell you a secret?

Penny: Sure, What's up?

Flower: *whispers to Penny*

Penny: Really?

Ice Cube: *watching this in conf* Finally! I'll be able to get revenge on Penny for making me lose a dollar in the gum chewing contest I had.

Firey: *conf as well* You really did that?

Ice Cube: *conf* Yep.

Jacob: Ok, Your next challenge is about Mario.

Rose: Ole!

Jacob: ..Ok...........Anyways the challenge is to jump on goombas...IDK what the heck they are.

Flower; So begin!

Jacob: Ok, So I'll count up who jumped on a number of goombas. The one on the losing team who did better than the rest gets a win token. Team Not So Epic, You lost twice, Try not to screw it again.

Pen: Let's pray we don't.

Jacob: And go!

  • Spongy jumps on 3*
  • Eraser jumps on 6*

Penny: Hey Ice Cube.

Ice Cube: Hi Penny, I heard you had a secret, Can I hear it?

Penny: *jumps on 11* No, If I did, Flower would kill me!

Flower: *stares angrily at Penny and Ice Cube*

Ice Cube: *jumps on 6* C'mon Coin, Tell me. Coin? You scared Coin? Tell me. Tell me.

Penny: *slaps Ice Cube super hard and talking really fast and angrily* IF YOU WANT TO KNOW IT'S THAT FLOWER LIKES BLOCKY AND DON'T CALL ME COIN YOU CRAZY CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blocky: HEY!

Ice Cube: *conf* REVENGE!

Penny: *relizes what he said* OMG, I'm soooo sorry Flower!

Flower: *tearing up* I'll never forgive you for this! *runs away*

  • Everyone stares at Ice Cube angrily*

Ice Cube: What?

Blocky: ......................Dude, That was wrong.

Pencil: That was not funny man! Telling off a secret! What's gotten into you!

Match: Yeah!

Bubble: I thought you were a poit of the alliance!

Pencil: Yeah! I'm sorry Ice Cube but I have to kick you out.

Ice Cube: ......FINE! *Runs off crying*

Jacob: Ok........................Well here are the scores I guess.

Flower: 20

Bubble: 19

Pencil: 16

Match: 16

Blocky: 14

Penny: 11

Pen: 11

Firey: 9

Rose: 9

Ice Cube: 6

Eraser: 6

Spongy: 3

Golf Ball: 1

Rocky: 0

Jacob: And the scores by teams.

Team Tacosauce: 66

Jacob: Team Epic, Your score must be bigger than Team Taco in order to win.

Team Epic: 75

Jacob: And whaddya know! Team Epic gets their 1st win!

Team Epic: WOO HOO!

Jacob: And Flower, Should your team lose, You get a immunity ticket.

Flower: *sniffs* Keep it, I don't want it.

Jacob: ......Ok..........anyways, It's time for Cake at Stake!

  • drumroll* CAKE AT STAKE!

Jacob: Today we got 20 votes. So remember Team Tacosauce if you get a piece of cake, You get to stay if you don't get one your out and Ice Cube, You seem to be a big threat with the telling off Flower's Secret.

Spongy's Alliance: *glares at Ice Cube*

Jacob: But first, Firey, Golfball, Would either of you like to use your immunity tickets?

Firey: Yes.

Golfball: No.

Jacob: Ok, Today we have cup cakes! It's like Cakes but lot smaller! Oh, Spongy, You have 0 votes. So your safe.

Spongy: YAY! *Gets a cupcake*

Jacob: Blocky also has 0 votes.

Blocky: Nice. *gets a cupcake*

Jacob: Eraser got 2 votes.

Eraser: AW!

Golf Ball: Ha!

Jacob: Golf Ball had 5 votes.

Golf Ball: AW!

Eraser: Ha.

Jacob: Firey had 6 votes but by using his immunity ticket, His votes have been erased.

Eraser, Golf Ball and Firey: *get cupcakes*

Jacob: So today either Match, Penny or Ice Cube goes home. Match, You did nothing good but your safe.

Match: Yeah! *gets a cupcake*

Jacob: P.S, Match's votes didn't count cause someone repeated said Match.......Anyways, Ice Cube, Penny, With 7 votes the loser is..........................................................

Ice Cube: *scared*

Penny: *scared*

Jacob: Well, Actully, You both got 7 votes so we need a tiebreaker so, TEAM EPIC will vote!

  • All of team Epic comes*

Jacob: So, Team Epic, Choose who you want to go home.

Pencil: Ice Cube because we let her go of the alliance.

Rose: It has got to be Penny.


Bubble: Oy, Uh Ice Cube, You still in the alliance?

Ice Cube: NO!

Bubble: Ok so, I'll stick with my alloience.

Rocky; Bleh. *barfs on Ice Cube*

Pen: Sorry Penny but But I vote you because I like Ice Cube.

Jacob: And the result is........

Ice Cube: 4

Penny: 2.

Jacob: Ice Cube, It's time to say....goodbye.

Ice Cube: WHAT?!?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny: *Slaps Ice Cube*

Ice Cube: *slaps Penny* *both keep slapping really hard until Ice Cube is sent to the TLC*

Jacob: Only 13 left, What will happen next?

*Ice Cube's Last Words*

Ice Cube: *crying*

Woody: What's wrong with her?

Leafy: IDK.....Hey Icy, Want my Bread?

Ice Cube: Yummy! *eats Leafy's bread*

Woody: Why are you helping her, She's a traitor.

Leafy: 1st of all don't spoil the show, 2nd She's a great friend, I don't want her to starve.

Woody: Oooooooooh.

Leafy: And there's a spider on you.

Woody: *Screams*

Day 4- The Betrayment

  • At the Cafetiera*

Flower: *tears in her eyes, eats pizza*

Bubble: You don't have to be embarrased Floiwer.

Pencil: Yeah.

Rocky: Hi guys.

Spongy: Hey.

Golf Ball: My chances of losing are 2% percent with my alliance.

Eraser: Yo, Sup?

Bubble: Still feeling the effects of yesterday.

Spongy: Ikr?

Jacob: CHALLENGE TIME! It's a zapping contest. Last person standing for both teams win a immunity ticket.

Spongy: Ok.

Flower: *sigh*

Jacob: And go!

Spongy: *gets zapped by Bubble*

Bubble: *zaps Eraser*

Golf Ball: *zaps Bubble and Firey*

Firey: Augh!

Golf Ball: *zaps Flower*

Blocky: Hey! No one zaps my girl! *zaps Golf Ball*

Jacob: Oh ho ho! That's good

Flower: *wide-eyed*

Penny: *zaps Pencil*

Match: Yike! *zapped by Penny*

Jacob: Pen has immunity!

Pen: Nice!

Rocky: *zapped by Penny*

Jacob: Penny too!

Penny: Nice.

Rose: *withdraws*

Penny: *zaps Pen*

Jacob: And that's it Since Penny obiously dominated, Team Taco Sauce wins!

Penny: Yeah we won!

Firey: Nice!

Spongy: Yay! We win!

Pen: Well, I still have a immunity ticket.

Flower: Wait.......Blocky zapped Golf save me???

Golf Ball: Yeah..........

Jacob: Ooh, A moment! Speaker get it on camera!

Speaker: *gets it on camera*

Blocky: *getting breath back*

Spongy: Is this a moment?

Golf Ball: Idk.

  • Flower ends up kissing Blocky leaving him a distant daze*

Jacob: Ok, One of Team Epic will be going to TLC in 1 minute and Team Epic will be here in 5 seconds.

  • drumroll* CAKE AT STAKE!

Jacob: Today we got 19 votes which is less than last time, So for the first time the vote has gone down!

Speaker: *mumbling* I'd like to cry now, I really do.

Jacob: So, Well, Uh, I forgot to buy cake so I had to improvise so let's pretend there's cake. So Pen, Immunity ticket so wanna use it?

Pen: Excatly.......NOT!

Jacob: Flower?

Flower: Yes.

Jacob: Well, Rocky, For unknown reasons your safe. Flower you had 1 vote but not anymore, Your saved.

Flower: Yes!

Jacob: Rose and Pencil had 1 vote receptly.

Rose: Si.

Pencil: Yay!

Jacob: Pen, Bubble....One of you had 3 votes one had 13 votes. And the loser is..................................Bubble.

Bubble: Aw moin!

Pen: Nice!

Pencil: You'll win next time Bubble.

Bubble: Oik. *super scooper sends her to the TLC*

*Bubble's Last Words*

Bubble: Well, I guess there is no repeation at all.

Woody: *Screams*

Bubble: Uuuuh, Does Woody have a bug?

Leafy: Yup.

Episode 5- Plain Acid

  • At the TLC*

Leafy: *reading a book* Ew, I mean ew this is disgusting! I mean, Storks aren't real!


Bubble: Woidy, Calm down, It can't be thoit boid!

Ice Cube: *yawn*

Leafy: Yeah Woody, I'm certain that Speaker will-


Bubble: Omg, Just SHUT UP!

  • Blocky falls in*

Woody: *Sarcastic* And another one joins! HOW DELIGHTFUL!

  • Meanwhile*

Jacob: Hello, If your wondering why there is no challenge yet well, I ran out of ideas...But since I liked Cake at Stake....Let's do cake at stake!

Firey: Now? What about a challenge?

Jacob: I haven't thought of one yet.

  • drumroll* CAKE AT STAKE!

Jacob: So, Team Epic or Team Taco Sauce, I flipped a coin and Team Epic will not vote someone out.

Team Epic: YEAH!

Spongy: Awwwwwwwww.

Jacob: We got 30 votes and I got a cake! It's a blueberry cake, Penny has a immunity ticket, Do you want to use it?

Penny: Yes.

Jacob: Ok, So Firey and Penny had 1 votes but Penny's votes don't count anymore. *gives them both cake* Eraser had 4 votes and Match had 5 votes. *gives them cake*

Match: Phew.

Jacob: Golf Ball had 5 votes.

Golf Ball: *gets cake*

Jacob: Spongy, Blocky, One will leave.................Spongy you have 13 votes, Blocky you have............2 votes.....Ooops must have forgotten you, Well congrats Blocky, Your saved.

Spongy: Noooooo!

Golf Ball: Crud! Our allience is diminished!

Rocky: Bleh! *sad vomit*

Eraser: This stinks!

Blocky: *looks at Spongy's alliance*....*sigh* Sorry dude, I can't do this anymore, All this tension is really stressing me, I never even wanted the money....I just wanted to go far, So I'm sorry but I'm pulling myself from the game.

Jacob: Wow............Just wow....For the 1st time ever, Someone quits.

Speaker: Wooooooooooow.

Blocky: *gives his piece to Spongy* Here, Take my piece.

Spongy: Really? Thanks man! *hi fives Blocky*

Blocky: See ya guys....*super scooper comes close but...* Wait! Before you send me off, Tell Flower...I'll miss her most of all.....*super scooper grabs Blocky and sends him to the TLC*

Jacob: So that's what you missed this Cake at Stake. Now i'm going to Team Epic's campgrounds to see the team* *opens team cabin* Hey, I came to tell you the bad news.

Pen: We know what happened.

Pencil: It was a disaster, Flower was devastated! She can't get over it!

Flower: *crying*

Jacob: Ok. *closes cabin door* *few hours later* Ok, Since I got the challenge idea at the last second, The best I could do is a Dodgeball challenge. Just Dodge and the team that lasts longer wins! The person that survives the longest with out get hit wins a imunity ticket. Team Epic, Since you only have 5 lousy members left.

Pencil: I know, It's a shame.

Jacob: We're gonna choose which 5 will compete for Team Tacosauce, And 1 will sit out. I have a wheel with all the Team Tacosauce players left...So who wants to spin.

Eraser: Well, Since i'm the strongest. *spins wheel and lands on........Match*

Jacob: Match gets spot 1

Eraser: *to Match* I hope your good.

Match: *holding a dodgeball and knocks down a tree, a bush and a log in a matter of seconds* I've been taking lessons. *spins wheel and lands on.......Golf Ball*

Jacob: Golf Ball gets spot 2.

Golf Ball: *Spins wheel and lands on...............Spongy*

Jacob: 2 spots left.

Eraser: Aw man! A weak armless one!

Spongy: *spins wheel and lands on.....Firey*

Firey: YEAH!

Jacob: 1 spot left!

Eraser: If it isn't me, We are dead! *spins wheel and lands on.............Penny* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob: And there we have it! Match, Penny, Golf Ball, Spongy and Firey compete, Eraser won't. LET'S PLAY!

  • Blows whistle*

Spongy: *gets dodgeball and hits Rose*

Flower: *tears in her eyes, gets dodgeball and hits Spongy*

Firey: *hits Rocky* with a dodgeball*

  • Few minutes later for Team Tacosauce: Golf Ball and Penny and for Team Epic: Flower, Pencil and Pen*

Pen: *gets dodgeball and hits Golfball*

Penny: Yikes, Only one left.

Pencil: *gets a dodgeball and hits Penny*

Jacob: Team Epic wins and Flower, Pencil and Pen all get win tokens, Pen this is your 2nd immunity ticket.

Pen: YES!

Jacob: You can only use one at a time.

Pen: Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Jacob: Ok, Cake at Stake!

  • Drumroll* CAKE A-

Jacob: Wait, We did that allready.....Ok, This time we got 54 votes. We still have some left over Blueberry cake so let's begin, Spongy is the only one with no votes.

Spongy: YAY! *Gets cake*

Jacob: Golf Ball has 6 votes.

Golf Ball: Yes. *gets cake*

Jacob: Eraser, Even with 11 votes, Your safe.

Spongy: And our alliance stays for another day!

Spongy's Allience: YAY!

Jacob: Firey has 12 votes.

Firey: Phew. *gets a cake*

Jacob: And finally with 12 votes...........Penny!

Penny: Yes! *gets a cake*

Jacob: Match, You have 13 votes, That's enough to eliminate you.

Match: No, This is like the end! *super scooper sends her to TLC*

*Blocky and Match's Last Words*

Blocky: I just hope Flower wins for me.

Ice Cube: Yeah.....

Woody: *sigh*

Leafy: Let's not remember the moments they had.

Woody: Ok, Flower gets no love then.

Bubble: Yoip.

Match: Hi guys.

Woody: Hello and welcome to the Tiny Loser Chamber. Population: 5 now 6.

Day 6- The Broken Heart

Flower: *sadly sees her picture of Blocky...looks at it, tear drops, starts crying*

Jacob: Hello everyone, Today, For the first time ever, Someone's joining the game as a intern! And that lucky person contestant will earn a immunity ticket. The choices are either......Pin.

Pin: You need a heroic leader like me!

Jacob: Needy.

Needy: *slaps screen* Don't call me Needy!

Jacob: Teardrop.

Teardrop: ......

Jacob: Coiny.

Coiny: Pick me and I will make improvements to the show of III (Inanimate Insanity Island)

Jacob: Snowball.

Snowball: I'm better than anyone else!

Jacob: That clumsy Tennis Ball.

Tennis Ball: *slaps screen* Don't call me clumsy!

Jacob: And David.

David: Aw seriously?!

Jacob: Say something else.

David: NO!

Jacob: So, We have a challenge to see who joins the game. It's a paintball game. Oh the paintballs are explosive and will tranfer them to FOF aka Fair of Failures. So the last one standing joins the game! Ready?

All: Yeah!

David: Aw seriously?

Jacob: GO!

Snowball: *Shoots Coiny*

Coiny: Augh! *sent to FOF*

David: *shoots Tennis Ball*

Tennis Ball: *sent to FOF*

Snowball: *shoots Pin*

Pin: *Dodges and shoots Snowball*

Needle: *shoots Teardrop*

Teardrop: *sent to FOF*

David: *shoots Needle*

Needle: Aw serious- *sent to FOF*

Jacob: So that leaves David or Pin to join the game.

Pin: *shoots David*

David: *dodges multiple times*

  • The next day*

Pin: *yawn* I'm tired!

Jacob: Ugh, It's been 27 hours and nothing!

David: *finally shoots Pin*

Jacob: And David joins the game!

David: Aw seriously?

Jacob: So let's meet the teams!

  • At Team Epic's cabin*

Pen: Wow, Flower and Pencil are the last girls on our team and lets face it, Team Taco Sauce was really outnumbering us.

Pencil: Yeah only, 5 of us left. We have 5, And the others have the same number.

Jacob: *to Pencil* Well your in luck, For this challenge everyone is safe!

Pencil: Really?

Jacob: Instead of immunity, You'll be competing to not be eliminated! This could be your chance to finally outsmart Team Tacosauce!

Team Epic: AWESOME!

Jacob: See ya. *climbs the emergency exit*

  • At Team Tacosauce's cabin*

Eraser: Man this stinks, I liked it better when we were the winning team.

Golf Ball: Well my chances of winning have gone from 8.290% to 8.333%

Spongy: Very impressive.

Eraser: I do not wanna leave, I still remember the time Match was out with 13 votes.

Spongy: Now for my vote status.

Jacob: I was voted once, By some person but that wasn't supposed to happen.....Anyways today's challenge is a Bridge Crossing game, There are 2 bridges, for each team, 1st team to get everyone on their team wins. Ready??? GO!

Spongy: *carries Eraser and Golfball*

Rocky: *barfs his way to the finish*

Flower: *walks*

Eraser and Firey: *run the bridge* *bridge cracks a little*

Jacob: Oh, It's also very unstable.

Firey: Oh shoot!

Rose: *walks*

Pen: *runs to the finish*

Penny: *walks* *bridges start cracking more* Yikes.

  • All run fast but Team Epic ends up winning*

Jacob; Team Epic wins David!

David: Aw seriously?

Jacob: Team Tacosauce, The former winners lose again. So let's do cake at stake.

  • Hork, Hork, Hork, Glorp, Glorp, Gloot, Gloot, Gloot, Doot, Doot* CAKE AT STAKE!

Jacob: As you can see, The elimination center has been remodeled.

Team Tacosauce: WOOOOOOW!

Jacob: So we got 70 votes. Eraser got 3 of them. So he gets some cake.

Eraser: Uh, I see you chose Fruitcake, That is a horrible cake!

Spongy: Yeah! Nobody likes fruitcake.

Jacob: *gives Eraser cake* Spongy you got 12 votes, Your safe.

Spongy: Phew. *gets cake*

Jacob: So Golf Ball, Firey or Penny will leave the game. And for the 1st time in history Penny isn't in the bottom 2. With 15 votes.

Penny: Thank you! *gets cake*

Jacob: And the last cake goes too......................................................Firey.

Firey: Yes! *gets cake*

Jacob: With only 19 votes, Golfball got 21 votes, She's out.

Golf Ball: Now my chances of winning went from 8.333% to 0% *Super Scooper takes her to the TLC*

Jacob: Only 10 still, Who will win, Find out next time.

*Golf Ball's Last Words*

Golf Ball: What a shocker, I didn't want to lose like that.

Blocky: Well I hope you like Bread.

Golf Ball: No I don't. So please don't say it again.

Day 7- I'm not liking it

Jacob; Look at this, Team Tacosauce the once winners are now the losers.

Eraser: Well duh! You don't have to rub it in!

Jacob: Well today, We are breaking up the teams!

David: Aw seriously?

Spongy: Yay!

Rocky: No more teams!

Jacob: Oh and today's challenge is to stack up 3 marbles, the first 3 to finish will get immunity tickets. The middle 4 doesn't win or lose, And the last 3 are up for elimination.

Penny: Sounds easy enough.

Jacob: Ok and...........begin!

Rocky: *vomits up 3 marbles on top of each other*

Jacob: Rocky is first one to win immunity!

Spongy: *gets his 3 marbles stacked*

Jacob: Spongy wins too!


Penny: *stacks his 3 marbles but all fall* Aw man!

(Due to the intense failure, We just wanted to say Rose stacked his marbles)

Jacob: And Rose wins too!

Rose: Si!

Firey: *gets all of his stacked*

Jacob: And Firey is safe from elimination! Only 2 spots left!

Flower: Correction, There's only one, I finished.

Jacob: OK!

Penny: *Stacks all of his marbles up*

Jacob: And that's it! Penny is the last one safe! That means, Eraser, Pen and Pencil are up for elimination!


Pen: What?!?!

Pencil: Oh no, This is like, So not coolio!

Jacob: So, Anyone want some points?

Eraser: Uh, The game has no points.

Jacob: Well now it does. Points will be in track of how you did! Rocky, You got 1st so you get 30 points.

Rocky: *gets 30 points*

Jacob: Spongy was 2nd so he gets 25 points.

Spongy: *gets 25 points*

Jacob: Rose was 3rd so he gets 20 points.

Rose: SI! *gets 20 points*

Jacob: Firey gets 15 points for coming in 4th!

Firey: *gets 15 points* It's not much but I guess I'll take it.

Jacob: Flower was 5th so she gets 10 points.

Flower: *gets 10 points*

Jacob: Penny, You came in 6th so you get 7 points.

Penny: *gets 7 points*

Jacob: Eraser gets 5 points, Pen has 2 points and Pencil gets only 1 point.

Eraser, Pen and Pencil: *get 5 points, 2 points and 1 point repecticly*

Jacob: Now let's do Cake At Stake for those 3.

(OMG, There's points now, Who'll go home, Wait and see) It's CAKE AT STAKE!

Jacob: So today we got 112 votes. Today's cake is Pizza.

Penny: Awesome!

Jacob: So everyone who's safe gets a piece of pizza. *gives the 6 who are safe, Pizza* Eraser, With 28 votes, You are safe.

Eraser: *gets a piece of pizza*

Jacob: Pen, Pencil, One of you is eliminated and the person that stays is....................Pen with 39 votes! Pencil got 45 votes so she is eliminated.

Pencil: OMG, This is like the end! *Super Scooper sends her to the TLC*

Jacob: Oh and by the way, No more immunity tickets. From here on now.

Eraser: So what about the immunity tickets we have?

Jacob: *All immunity tickets fly away* Oh and Firey we have some bad news, It turns out we had 20 more votes for you so for all you slackers, We're gonna take your votes anyway And in return, Golf Ball can rejoin the game. And Firey, Time to go to the TLC *Firey is taken to the TLC with the Laser Transportation Device* And that was our Laser Transportation Device.

*Pencil and Firey's last words*

Pencil: Aw man, I was eliminated! Well at least the alliance is back together!

Match: Yeah!

Bubble: Yoylecake!

Firey: *sigh* I've been eliminated! But at least I still have some friends here.

Leafy: Yeah! *high fives Firey*

Blocky: S'up dude?

Firey: Not much.

Golf Ball: What luck! What a happy day!

Firey: What is it?

Golf Ball: I'm gonna rejoin the game!

Woody: Congrats.

Golf Ball: Thnx, Well goodbye guys. *Poofed back to the cabins*

All in TLC except Golf Ball: Goodbye! So long! Come back soon! Bye Bye! See you soon!

Elimination Table

Place Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
10 Golf Ball WIN WIN IN WIN IN


Rejoins in day 7
12 Bubble IN LOW WIN OUT
13 Ice Cube WIN WIN OUT
14 Leafy IN OUT





  • The strawberry shortcake is an obvious reference to Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Rose originally was a recommended character not in episodes 17/18.
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