Inanimate Insanity Infinity Plus, or shortened to III+, is a full season of a show shown for part of II's 12th episode, Alternate Reality Show. It contains some of the old contestants from the original III and new ones too. Salt and Pepper both want to be the star of the show, so they get contestants that are dull and not interesting to stay in the game.


Salt (Host)

Pepper (Co-Host)

Chives (Helper)


(On left side: Name, On right: Personality)

  • Thermos (Slightly Zany, Hyper)
  • Kumquat (Pessimistic, Impatient)
  • Barrel (Insane)
  • Shell (Kind, Calm)
  • Hay Bale (Western, Dull)
  • Traffic Light (Green: Kind, Yellow: Basic, Red: Rude)
  • Bell (Caring, Patient)
  • Spiky Mervert (Bland)
  • Cookie (Energetic)
  • Magnifying Glass (Shy, Quiet)
  • Bomb (Crazy)
  • Paper (Cooperative, Innocent)
  • Rubber Ball/ Ball (Daring, Adventurous)
  • Banana (Bossy)
  • Guitar (Loud, Fun-Loving)
  • Bandana (Hay Bale but Pirate)
  • Black Hole (Plain, Curious)
  • Dictionary (Smart but Annoying)

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