Inanimate Insanity II

Country Of Origin

The United States Of America




April 2, 2013



Created By

Adam Katz


AnimationEpic/Adamations Incorporated

Directed by

Adam Katz, Taylor Grodin, Brian Koch, Justin Chapman


The Grand Slams and The Bright Lights

Preceded by:

Inanimate Insanity

Music by

Kevin McLeod (2013-2015)
Katya Richardson (current)
Logan Nelson (current)

Inanimate Insanity II (also known as Inanimate Insanity 2) is the second season of Inanimate Insanity, which was released on April 2, 2013, which was the same month Inanimate Insanity, the predecessor, began. Just like last season, the show is an animated competition series on YouTube. The season began with 19 anthropomorphic objects, competing for yet another 1 million dollars. It will most likely have 16 to 18 episodes by the time it ends.









List of Episodes

Currently it is unknown how many episodes will be produced, yet it has been speculated that there will be more than 19.

  • Tri Your Best's release date was first June 2, then June 12, then July 2, but finally releasing a week early on June 25.
  • Cooking for the Grater Good's release date was first September 2, 2013, but was uploaded early on August 23.
  • The second part of Kick the Bucket was planned to be released on January 6, 2017, but was delayed until January 13. It was delayed again, to be released on late January. It was finally released on February 4, 2017.

Elimination Order

Participant Team Status Placing Reason Merging
Tissues The Bright Lights 1st voted out in Marsh on Mars 20th His condiShAWn was disturbingly gross. Non-merge
Cherries The Bright Lights 2nd voted out in Tri Your Best 19th They sent Marshmallow (a fan-favorite) to Mars.
Trophy The Grand Slams 3rd voted out in Cooking for the Grater Good 18th He was not only the meanest but him blackmailing Knife has caused an outrage of Knife fans.
Box The Grand Slams 4th voted out in A Kick in the Right Direction 17th Since he was just a cardboard box, he never interacted with anything and was thus useless.
Dough The Grand Slams Eaten in A Kick in the Right Direction 16th He was eaten by Yin-Yang 17 seconds after he joined The Grand Slams and rendered unrecoverable by MePhone4.
Yin-Yang The Bright Lights 5th voted out in Let 'Er R.I.P. 15th Their bickering and fights disrupted and sabotaged the challenges for their team, and they ate Dough.
Apple The Bright Lights 6th voted out in Everything's A-OJ 14th Possessed by Bow, she confessed that she was using Marshmallow to get farther in the game.
Cheesy The Grand Slams 7th voted out in Theft and Battery 13th His jokes were starting to become very obnoxious, especially towards Microphone.
Soap The Grand Slams 8th voted out in Rain On Your Charade 12th Her abrasive nature towards other contestants became overbearing. She also exposed fellow teammate Suitcase of stealing the battery.
Balloon The Grand Slams 9th voted out in Kick the Bucket 11th It was a contestant voting elimination, and almost everyone chose Balloon since he lost the bucket brigade challenge for them.
Nickel The Grand Slams 10th voted out in Kick the Bucket 10th It was a double elimination, and Nickel was the only other one who received a vote besides Balloon, this was due to the way he was treating both Balloon and Suitcase.
Marshmallow The Bright Lights Disqualified in Alternate Reality Show 9th She had disobeyed the rules of escaping the main set for Inanimate Insanity without permission to see Bow.
Paintbrush The Bright Lights 11th voted out in Alternate Reality Show 8th After burning everyone's paintings in a firey temper tantrum which resulted in only Suitcase's getting scored, they were voted out by the other contestants. Post-Merge
Fan The Bright Lights 12th lost challenge in Mine Your Own Buisness 7th He did not find a Gem.
Knife The Grand Slams Top 6 TBA Unknown
Suitcase The Grand Slams Top 6 TBA Unknown
Baseball The Grand Slams Top 6 TBA Unknown
Test Tube Lightbulb The Bright Lights Top 6 TBA Unknown
Yin-Yang The Bright Lights Top 6 TBA Unknown
Microphone The Grand Slams Top 6 TBA Unknown

In “Marsh on Mars” of the second season, Tissues is eliminated with 700 votes, and Apple in a close second with 554 votes. He then blames it on his "condishawn", and sneezes himself into the Rejection Portal.

In “Tri Your Best”, the Cherries are eliminated with 974 votes, with Yin-Yang coming in second with 878 votes. The Cherries, then, admitted that they sent Marshmallow to Mars, and was then pushed in by Yang.

In “Cooking for the Grater Good”, Trophy is eliminated with 1,945 votes, with Box coming in second with 739 votes. Trophy denies that he has been eliminated, despite watching the results. Cheesy then cracks a joke, as Trophy questions that he lost to an inanimate cardboard box. He then steps on Box, as Suitcase calls him a monster. Knife then kicks Trophy into the Rejection Portal.

In “A Kick in the Right Direction”, Box is eliminated with 1,442 votes, as Soap comes in second with 1,102 votes. Soap then exclaims that the "last piece can't be that bad", but spits it out moments after eating the piece. Suitcase then states that she will miss Box. Meanwhile, Nickel sarcastically says that Box was helpful before asking what kind of Box he was. Paintbrush then says that he was a Cardboard box, and says to Nickel: "Can't you tell?" Lightbulb then tells Paintbrush that Box can be whatever it wants to be. Apple then states that he will open the box, before Lightbulb telling Apple to be careful. Apple opens the box and states that there was a taco. However, when Knife opens the box, all he sees is the word "Box" scribbled with pink font. Apple then says that he was close. Afterwards, MePad then kicks Box into the Rejection Portal.

In “Let 'Er R.I.P.”, Yin-Yang is eliminated with 1,859 votes, with Paintbrush in second with 946 votes. Paintbrush then dodges the pumpkin, as Yin-Yang have their little argument in emotions after watching the results. Yin-Yang then apologizes to the contestants for all the trouble they had caused. This was interrupted as their argument takes a twist, and they fight themselves into Rejection Portal, and become eliminated.

In “Everything's A-OJ”, OJ sues MePhone4 after he crashed his plane on OJ's apartment in “Breaking the Ice”, and for sending the eliminated contestants to OJ's closet without his consent. MePhone4 then denies this, and says that he wouldn't hurt a fly, despite killing a fly moments later. Later in the courtroom, Paper defends the plaintiff, whereas Toilet defends the defendant. Moments after commencing, the judge then asks for the speech from a witness. The crowd and judge then tear up. The judge then says that he's never been so moved by a testimony. He then claims the sentencing for "unlawful detention, imprisonment, and a freaky portal that the defense claims just randomly opened one day". MePhone4's original sentencing was 1 hour in jail, but was then increased to a day after Toilet splashed the judge with water. Soon after, OJ takes over, and looks at his script. They then do the elimination. Both teams said that they won the challenge, and so, OJ picked one to be eliminated. After MePhone's return from the slammer, MePad revealed the results, and Apple is eliminated with 2,045 votes, while Paintbrush was second with 791 votes!

In “Theft and Battery”, Cheesy is eliminated with a record 2,605 votes, and Balloon comes in second with 768. To which he decided to start becoming funnier (which Microphone said was better than him going back to doing commercials.) However, before he could finish his first non-pun, he is whacked into the Rejection Portal by Toilet.

In “Rain On Your Charade”, After a long, intense pause, Soap is eliminated with a new record of 2,663 votes with Nickel in second at 1731. Soap had a blankish yet shocked reaction. She then at first starts saying it "was a mistake", but switched to a short speech about forcing people to do something and listening to your heart, then she walks backwards to the Rejection Portal.

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