Inanimate Adventures is an upcoming object show hosted by Crown. The plot consists of 26(ish) contestants competing for an mysterious prize. However, something lurks in the shadows, and things are not as they appear.

In this universe, objects have people names, due to the confusion that would be caused if 2 of the same object were in the same area. Still, people often use the name of they object someone is to refer to them, and names are often saved for family and close friends.




Crown is millionaire indie game designer, having created multiple best sellers. He owns a private island the size of an entire city called Crown's Kingdom, where he hosts the contest.


Object Type Name Description Age
Dynamite Tyson Abornazine Blazing with anger, Dynamite is competitive and determined to win. When his rage boils over or he over, a white flame appears on his fuse, causing an literal explosion around him!
Disco Ball Dinari Perla

(Legally changed to Disco Ball Perla)

A star for all to come and see, Disco Ball's an singer with an ever-growing fanbase. He's a overzealous braggart and attention hog, but people rarely notice this. Crystal Ball and Stress Ball are his cousins; ones he would rather not have.
Pizza Pete Amruth Ramsey Pete's a pepperoni pizza with an insatiable appetite. He aspires to be a chef, but is more likely to be doing the eating than the cooking.
Jack n' the Box Jacqueline Manjusha A prankster and joker, Jack is a comedian of... certain qualities... He specializes in punishing everyone around him.
Present Pandora Manjusha Jack's younger sister, Present is a lover, not a fighter. She believes in the good in everyone, and often gives people pres- gifts on an occasion.
Music Note Musette Shysie As Disco Ball's ghost writer, Music Note is quite reserved. In fact, she doesn't speak. At all. No one can explain it. She use to talk, but now she just... doesn't.
Magic Hat Magic Hat is a relatively unknown magician.
Ace of Spades Ace is a shrewd business man with a way of cards. As owner of one of the world's largest casinos, he's very rich. Of course, he still wants to be richer.
Die As Ace's second in command partner, Die is a liar and a trickster. He's the only bandit in the casino with more than 1 arm, though they all don't have legs.
Canvas An artist at heart, Canvas is a control-freak who wants everything her way. She also has very strange habits.
Clock Clock is a mad scientist, although he prefers the term "inventor". He has over 5 majors, and specializes in mechanics, engineering, math, and science.
Bell A typical girl, Bell is one of Rose's friends.
Rose As someone literally from the valley, Rose is an absolute phone-addict. She acts like a typical high school girl, and to be fair, she practically is one.
Traffic Cone "Danger lurks everywhere". That's Traffic Cone's motto. He's afraid of his own shadow, and would probably run away from it if he could.
Crystal Ball Crystal "Cassandra" Perla A gypsy and psychic, Crystal Ball believe all things are predetermined. She often looks to her tarot cards for answers.
Pop Tart Large and lazy, Pop Tart is a rather uninteresting person. He mostly spends his time sitting around and eating.
Candy One word summarizes Candy: Hyper. She's eccentric and maybe just a bit crazy.
Apple Apple acts like he has a piece of his brain missing, which would make sense considering he has a bite out of him, but the bite is natural, so it really doesn't explain it. He's easy to distract and often slow to understand things.
Horseshoe Horseshoe is so misfortunate, you'd think he spent the first 13 years of his life running under ladders and using an opened umbrella indoors to smash mirrors while his pet cat Lucy ran around him. He may be a pessimist, but he still hopes that winning this contest can change is luck... No matter how unlikely it seems.
Pot Pot, or as he prefers "Alchy" doesn't let people no much about him. He's a little shy, although he's nice to everyone. He has a passion for chemistry, and really wants to win.
Taser Taser is a strong independent woman, who don't need no team... but she's fine with having one. She's a team player and competitive.
Envelope Envelope is a quirky girl who lives a simply life as a delivery-woman. However, she refuses to deliver in any other way than on foot, and she always gets the job done.

(North + South)

The reason why the number of contestant are vague, North and South are twins who are stuck with each other. Fittingly enough, they are complete polar opposites: North likes being indoors, while South prefers the outside; North is calm and collected, while South is rowdy. They've only ever agreed on one thing, and that thing is that they hate each other.
Snowflake Graceful and glacious, Snowflake likes to be around people, but also enjoys her time alone, reading a book.
Butter If you could spell Butter in 4-letters, those letters would be J, E, R, and K. He enjoys messing with people, especially his friends.
Stress Ball Serano Perla Stress Ball, or as he calls himself "Star Child" is the definition of a Hippie. Ironically, nothing ever gets on his nerves... except his sister, Crystal Ball, and her beliefs. They often argue, but they still love each other.

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