Immunity Token is a male contestant in Battle for Gold Palace. He also appeared in Object Crossovers!

Immunity Token
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Voiced by: jaggerbug***







Episode eliminated

Episode 6




Blocky, Bomb, Win Token, Coiny, Nickel


Pickle (BFGP)



Object Crossovers

Immunity Token was confirmed to be the official 80th contestant by Chicken Nugget. It is revealed that Immunity Token lived on the abandoned set, home of the forgotten Object Shows and Camps. It is unknown if anyone besides Immunity Token also resided in the abandoned set, as he was probably the only one who lived there. The reason why Phone had a box was because that box is where Immunity Token slept in. As for the Golden Token however, Immunity Token stated that he found it on the abandoned set before he entered the box. Phone thought that a golden token was inside, so he checked for himself. Although the "C.N." part remains a mystery, it is likely that it belongs to Chicken Nugget. Since Immunity Token was free but didn't have any places to go, (possibly because Battle for Gold Palace was cancelled), Chicken Nugget announced that Immunity Token will receive a prize for being an additional member on a team, meaning that he'd join Object Crossovers instead.

Unlike in Battle for Gold Palace when Immunity Token became widely disliked by his team members and the viewers, he now has a new personality. He thinks that he's up for rejoining on Battle for Gold Palace, but instead ended up in Object Crossovers. He no longer hates Pickle because he felt sorry about all the feuds he'd have with him in the past, and because of such, they have slowly been making up. This also considers the fact that he and Pickle were former enemies in BFGP, and jaggerbug, who was Immunity Token's user in OC, played as Pickle. Even though he's not in Battle for Gold Palace, he will be able to compete in Object Crossovers and maintain his respect to the team and viewers.


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