" Hey Barfy, how are you? "
To Barf Bag, in Ice Tea's entries of Camp L.O.O.K


Ice Tea is a beverage, Apple Iced Tea to be specific, she has 2 red slices of apple, 4 Ice cubes, a black straw, and 2 green leaves.


Ice Tea's specialty is stalking, just, she likes to stalk, that she has an eye of an hawk and she is also a speed runner.

At Ice Tea's entry, whenever she touches someone, one will turn inanimate, or in short words, into their objects. or basically dead honestly-


  • She is a Contestant for Object_Gl1tch.jpeg which got cancelled when they revealed the first episode, 1a.
  • She is a host for a camp called, Camp SHIT.
  • She is the user's favorite drink.
  • She competed and signed up in a few object camps, right now at the moment, she is trying to sign up for TROC 6. The user theirselves, made the signup a joke and hoped that she won't actually join.
  • Her asset changes alot.
  • She is also confirmed a cannibal, and has killed her cousin, Tea Cup.
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