Ice Ball is the hard version of Blue Ball.


Hard Blue Ball now has one eye glowing ice blue, and some ice thing on his arm (probably a rubber band)


Ice Ball is more mature than usual. His health is really large. It differs here and the EFEB wiki.

He now has a core. The inner layer only has a tiny bit of health, while the outer has a TON of health, ranging from 1,000,000 to a whopping 4,500,000,000.


You can either activate this form by simply angering him so much, or do this:

  • Arrange ice and titanium shards into a cube shape. The result is known as "Ecohexa".
  • Throw it into the water.
  • Get it back.
  • Grab a golden hammer and smash it.
  • Wait for the dust to come in contact with Blue Ball.

Once you do that, Blue Ball will turn into his hard form.

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