WheeliumThe2nd don't edit this it is my show

Tamagotchi (M): The Host

Orange (M): Orange is very selfish.

Sharpie (F): She is happy-go-lucky.

Bowly (M): Basically random.

Skully (M): Loves to tease and be mean.

Puzzle Piece (F): Always laid-back.

Trackpad (M): Trackpad is usually in a somewhat good mood but gets annoyed easily.

Vasey (F): Vasey is very shy and kind.

Aquamarine (F): Aquamarine is an athletic contestant.

4-Ball (M): 4-Ball rages over literally everything.

Pink Lemonade (F): She is mostly a tom-boy and is ignorant and stupid.

Piney (F): Basically Lightbulb.

Digivice (M): Digivice is smart and is great with technology.

Gum Packet (F): Gum Packet is very girly.

Nectarine (F): Nectarine is bossy and wants to be in charge of everyone.

Stocking (M): Stocking is SUPER energetic and cheerful.

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