Announcer: I am finally back from space!!!

Four: Who the heck are you?!!

X: Don't be mean four!

Four screeches X

Announcer: Please don't be mean! I came back to host BFDIA!

Four: .... BFDIA happened 5 years ago...

Announcer: Oh. It's been a long time. In that case, IDFB!!


Announcer: I am screech proof.

Four: Uggh... anyways this is season 4, BFB.

Announcer: Then I should host season 5, but we need more contestants! 64 just doesn't seem enough... what about 100?

Four: I hate that number! Change it or else!

Announcer: Four, calm down. I am thinking. OOOH! What about 156 contestants?

Four: I like it... where is that MyPhone thingy?

Announcer: One, it's MePhone4, and two, we are not getting contestants from Inanimate Insanity.

Four: I'm the host, and I can do what I want!

Announcer. Okay, but that will only take us to 92 contestants...

Four: BAD BAD BAD! What about Object Overload and Battle for The Silver?

Announcer: Fine they can join... but that's still not enough! Wait.. we can downgrade some hosts to contestants!

Four: Ok, you're a contestant!

Announcer: No! Gamey, MePad, and Toilet will be downgraded to contestants!

Four: Grrrr!!!!

1 week later....

Announcer: We have our contestants. MePhone4, get up here and host!

MePhone4: Ok. Sounds nice!

Toilet: YAY MISTA PHONE IS THE HOST!! Wait.. I'm a contestant...

MePad: I can not fell anything.. I am completely fine with being a contestant.


Four screeches Gamey

Soccer Ball: You killed my old host!

Four: I can revive him, anyways. Sheesh.

Four revives X and Gamey

Clock (OO): You could've used my door of life!

Eraser: Shut up, nerd! When are we gonna make teams?!!

Announcer: Be patient! I was just going to announce the team captains!!

Lightbulb: I am so gonna be a team captain!

Flower: If you don't make me a team captain, I'll KILL you!

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