NOTE- This is a FAN-FICTION, so it's not real. It's just on here.


Yin-Yang (Won the reccomended Character contest)

Marshmallow (772 votes)

OJ (723 votes)

Taco (721 votes)

Baseball (701 votes)

Paper (602 votes)

Nickel (542 votes)

Paintbrush (513 votes)

Apple (482 votes)

Teddy Bear (400 votes)

Dictionary (357 votes)

Bow (333 votes)

Salt (211 votes)

TV (201 votes)

Bell (197 votes)

Pickle (188 votes)

Lightbulb (101 votes)

Episode 1- A new start

1st Challenge- Crappy Cliff

Winners- Nickel and Bow

Episode 2- I'll go!

Team Super- Nickel, Baseball, Dictionary, Bell, TV, OJ, Yin-Yang, and Paper

Team Charis- Bow, Marshmallow,  Pickle, Taco, Lightbulb, Paintbrush, Teddy Bear, and Salt

Eliminated- Apple

Reason- Teamless

Challenge-  Lift a tree, and bring it to the river, make it a raft, and go across the river, and pass the finish line.

Winner- Tean Super

Episode 3- Oh no!

Eliminated- Teddy Bear

Reason- Did nothing to help, just complained and told the others how stupid they were.

Challenge- Find a gold coin in a lava pool

Winner- Team Super

Episode 4-  Don't do it bro!

Eliminated- Salt

Reason- Snuk over to Team Super to see OJ.

Challenge- Cross a gorge

Winner- Team Chairs

Episode 5- The Rise

Eliminated- Bell

Reason- Never really does anything

MePhone5 kills MePhone4S

Contest- Kill MePhone5

Winner-  Team Super

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