Hot Dog is a contestant in BOTO. Hot Dog is a casual guy who has quite a few friends. He is best friends with Pizza. He also has a running gag of him missing the box he is thrown at in various ways, like the time it hit Pizza in the face. He is also quite talented at knitting. He placed 5th in BOTO.

Fan Fiction

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Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds

Hot Dog appears in the inside of Martian Tripod.

Hot Dog managed to survive being thrown in. He was shooting the tripod with an AK-47, but it consumed him. He managed to avoid the jaws.


  • In the BFTD series, he always says "Hot Dog!" whenever he's happy.


Names in other languages

热狗 - Chinese

Hot-dog - French

Naʻaukake ʻamelika - Hawaiian

ホットドッグ - Japanese

핫도그 - Korean

Cachorro quente - Portuguese

Pancho - Spanish

Bánh mì kẹp xúc xích - Vietnamese

ฮอทดอก - Thai

Хот-дог - Russian

Madra te - Irish

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