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This is Insanipedia's second camp. If you were looking for Pickaxe Attack!, yes, that's the first camp.

Host Battle is a camp hosted by Gamepad, host of the cancelled camp Gamey Battle.

Total contestants: 22


  1. Rocket (IF) - He's...sorta interesting.
  2. Immunity Token (IB) - Nice and jolly.
  3. Star (BOVI) - A bashful girl. Sometimes clumsy and pretty shy.
  4. Emerald (OL) - Cool-headed, but sometimes gets off topic.
  5. Remote (OH) - Mild and cool-headed
  6. Handy (BFWB) - Whatever PartyTime808 says his personality is.
  7. Phone (OIN) - Mildly interesting.
  8. Nintendo/DS (BFIS) - Personalitivly Announcer-like, but I never heard DS sold anything because of "budget cuts"
  9. Blue Screen/A.I. Computer (AM) - Nothing is interesting about his personality, but is a good at role and is nice to everyone.


  1. Gold Ingot (PP) (BrownFamily1108) - Sometimes off track, but like most he is cool-headed.
  2. Gamey (OO) (Polarjack77) - An average person with a like and dislike for everybody.
  3. Pickaxe (OMN/OMadness/Omad) (AwesomeAquamarine) - Calm, spiritual, soft, but can be serious at times.
  4. Fire Extinguisher (OLD) (U4Again) - Unlike most of the otherts, he is friendly and helpful, but is kinda annoying at times. He has an amiibo collection, but is secretive about it.
  5. Wii U (OI) (DonalBlooper) - Has a bit of a habit for being a bit lazy.
  6. MePhone4 (II) (JoeJoeTheAnimator) - Nice, but can be shrewd. He also has a very severe eating disorder, or as he says it, he's a "fat slob."
  7. Blue Planet (CTW) (NLG343) - A guy that comes from a small, weird spaceship-like thing.
  8. Chocolate Bar (EE) (IWuvChocolate) - Somewhat generous.
  9. Window (OU) (TheRobloxianGuy67) - Dies a few times, but is somehow permanently there!
  10. Announcer (BFDI) (Poudretteite The Aristocrat) - Likes to sell things because of "budget cuts."
  11. Controlly (BOTO) (MePhone X) - I dunno what he is. He's something, however.
  12. Calculator (OM) (BluJayPJ) - By simply clapping his hands, he can teleport everyone, including himself, while Gamey snaps his fingers to do so.
  13. Camcordy (RHE) (Bfdi is the best) - Confuses herself sometimes.
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