Hoopa Ring is a male OC created by Nether Works


Hoopa Ring appears to be a golden ring. This ring can change in size.


Hoopa Ring is a jokey and lazy person. He always just likes to lay around and do nothing as time passes by. He, however, can be bribed by candy or fast food. He is often used by others as a teleportation device. He can usually be found playing videogames with his roommate VacPack.


  • Unknown girlfriend
  • VacPack (bff and roommate)

University stats


HR is in a class that studies the various dimensions in the multiverse.


  • He might be Glow Ring from another dimension
  • He is currently the only person/thing that can travel through other dimensions.
  • He is one of the lucky 1k to be invited to this university as most people don't know about the multiverse.
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