Hook is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Hook is a small pirate hook. The bottom of his body has a small rectangular piece with a hole where a pirate’s hand would be ideally placed. Then, he has a long spiralling metallic piece at the top which is the actual hook. He can rotate it around. Hook only has legs, and no arms.


Hook is a jack of all trades, master of none. That is the best way to describe him. Sometimes, he tries to be part of Sprinkle, Pea and Corky’s little group. He’s a bit larger, so the others don’t like him. Sometimes he tries to be in Evil Blaster’s Alliance as a joke. However, Evil Blaster takes it seriously and actually welcomed him to the team. Because of his silly personality, he’s enemies with quite a few people.


  • Hook is also very good at parkour.
    • This is because he can swing with his hook.
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