Holly is a female contestant competing in Open Source Objects.


Sings and talks about being a professional singer. She is not that bad at singing, though. Her personality reeks of a kind person. She is good at following directions and helping her teammates. She is loud and proud. She is obsessed with music and is very knowledgeable about every genre of music. She is a very good dancer and she is very confident about it. She is very friendly. She always tries to be positive. Her outlet is dancing. She often feels good about herself, trying to win challenges with a creative solution. Sometimes she goes a little overboard though, putting creativity before thought.


Holly is a small, vivid red mistletoe with two spiky, green leaves protruding from her backside.

Fan Fiction

Battle For Smash Ultimate

She appears as a symbol for the Open Source Objects franchise.


  • Although Holly's leaves add a lot to her height, removing them places her only slightly larger than Paintball.
  • Originally Holly's voice was meant to be vocoded (in a similar manner to Puffball from BFDI). This was changed before the first episode came out.


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