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Jacknjellify's Sonic The Hedgehog - Highway


A Freesmart Supervan towards in highway.

  • 2020 Sonic: (Off-screen) Road trip, Woohoo!

Cut to Sonics and E-102 Gamma, E-104 Epsilon and E-101 Beta inside of the Freesmart Supervan.

  • Sonics: Woooh!!
  • AOSTH Sonic: Wow, not cool man! Not cool!
  • E-104 Epsilon: Really guys. We just never understood like this before alright?
  • 2020 Sonic: (Off-screen) So, i got some ladies here ya'll?

Sonics and the boys (E-102 Gamma, E-104 Epsilon and E-101 Beta) looks behind sight of 2020 Sonic.

  • E-102 Gamma: What the..?

Cut to the girls (E-100 Zero, E-103 Delta and E-105 Zeta) between 2020 Sonic wearing Magik Thug Life Glasses.

  • 2020 Sonic: Can't you can think about it huh?

As the girls giggles.

  • E-100 Zero: You guys are so cute.
  • E-105 Zeta: I know!

Cut to Egg Hanger Dropship as two Egg-Pawns seeing the Freesmart Supervan.

  • Egg-Pawn #44: We need to deployed, uhh... Motor-Buster!

Suddenly, they deployed giant Motor-Buster onto the highway.

Cut to Sonics and E-Series in Freesmart Supervan.

  • 2020 Sonic: Well you know think if there is bullets for the least time into-

A bullets breaks a window from Motor-Buster while it shoots at them but missed.

  • 2020 Sonic: AAH!

Sonic and E-Series suddenly looked back sight of Motor-Buster.

  • E-102 Epsilon: What in the heck is going on there?
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