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Outdated Rules

  1. You may hurt & heal a character [every 30 min or when other user did hurt or heal].
  2. You have 4 points per play(Hurt & Heal) and can write as numeric.
    • You must use 2 points at least.
    • + is Heal and - is Hurt.
    • This is Final 10 rule, number only arrows!
  3. You can't request and Exec there events unless Lac. (credit to AVDOS creator and Mr.Yokai)
    • Hell shake - play targets are randomly swapped!
    • Poison Rain - 1 damage to everyone
    • Quickie Time - Everyone's HP are 1/2!
    • Sealed Heal - Can't heal! Not one play!
    • Gamble flip - Rest of everyone's HP are flipped!
    • And more!
  4. However, every play is turned into "Stuck play".
    1. When Lac marks "EOS", with reply and calculates hurt and heal, then applies Event, and play.
  5. Max HP is 30→15→10, If someone does over healing, 100% occurs one event.
  6. If someone edited to this page unless Lac, 100% occurs one event.
  7. If someone break rules unless Lac, 100% occurs one event.


Runner up

Fainted characters

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