Yeah, it's time.


Note that this has joke characters and I give credit to everyone. Same goes with Minh. For example Wall-E's a joke.


  • Green Rocky (11) - "Thanks for helping me!"
  • Sword (10) - "Average."
  • Fluttershy (9) - "Why..."
  • Phuophuc (10) - "I will delete the many pages of BFDI Wiki!" (lulz homage on the phuophuc kills OAE-Naily shipping)
  • Firey (11) - "Atta boy, I'm winning."
  • a tree so ha (8) - "..."
  • Neptune (10) - "I'm going to have to shREK Mars!"
  • Carmex (10) - "<:3"
  • Ceibo (10) - "NOSCOPIN'!"
  • Cottony (10) - "I'll be needing stitches~"
  • Lord Voldermatar (3) - "I WILL BAN YOU NAHUEL! (changes AKA to Nahuel but gets banned by admins)"
  • TSRITW X Copterhair Girl (10) - "Best crush ever!"
  • Tomato (13) - "Now please don't overload me!"
  • Lettuce (12) - "Meow :3"
  • Wall-E (11) - "HP is 11. Status: Better."
  • Rackety (11) - "You go, girl! You're going to be another winner!"
  • Axe (10) - ":l3"
  • Suitcase (10) - "I'm not pushover!"
  • Bulborb (10) - "I'm surprised that Mockiwi is such a noob and can't talk..."
  • Burrbo (10) - "Make me win!"
  • Cupcake (10) - "Can you PLEASE not eat me with those hurts?"
  • Kabloom (11) - "Sweet!"
  • Sans (10) - "You're going to have a bad time if you hurt me."
  • Bracelety (12) - "GO ICE CUBE!"


  1. Hurting and Healing can only be done every 1 hour. Don't spam.
  2. Vandalizing is NOT okay. So don't try and add categories without my permission or rename this (I'm watching you, puppies) page.
  3. Only normal hurts and heals. Snacks can however break this rule.
  4. Health Limit's 20. Don't surpass this please.


  • Triple  - Triple hurt and heal.
  • Sleep - Give to a contestant to make them sleep. Auto-heal for each turn made. Will not heal when at the health limit. Ends when hurted.
  • Poison - Same as Sleep Snack but it's auto-hurt, ends when healed, and can kill.
  • Freeze - Frosts contestant. A frosted contestant can't be hurted or healed for one day. That means if you hurt at 10:00 PM on Tuesday then tomorrow they're unfrozen at somewhere about 4:00 PM.
  • Burn - Same as Poison Snack but it can't be stopped with heals. That means someone has to get the snack below it.
  • Extinguish - Extinguishes fire.
  • Wet - Doesn't extinguish fire, but defies logic and stops all harmful effects.
  • Nope - Feed to someone to disable their move.
  • Future - Force someone to do what you say. (Example: This user says "(another user), take this snack! I know you will heal Sword three times in a row!". The next turn they have to do what they said else their moves won't count.
  • Shield - Powerful snack which allows you to shield a contestant or yourself from an attack.
  • Reflect - Powerful snack which you can only eat to reflect user effects.
  • Frostbite - Pretty much the same as Freeze but it only lasts for three turns.
  • Explosive - Dangerous snack. Feed to someone to kill them off for three days. Lulz.
  • Brainfreeze - Feed to someone to make their brainfreeze. In brainfreeze you're pretty much unallowed to do anything for one hour.


  • TSRITW hates his own shipping.
  • ESP, Cutter, Sword, and Mike have a homage to the Robobot Armor!
  • TSRITW's limbs aren't actually stickfigurish. They're WAY more than that.
  • Skylanders Shippings are made LIKE THIS.
    • Flashwing sends Bash flying off of a cliff -> SHIPPING
    • Cynder tries to kill Spyro -> SHIPPING
    • Bianca tries to kill Hunter a few times -> SHIPPING
    • What's next? Nanisore scaring Delet This becoming a shipping?
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