Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds - The Heat Ray


  • Gangsta Object #2: Bro, Firey! What the hell was that?!
  • Gangsta Object #3: No way man, no way man! This sh**nit be serious!
  • Police Object #3: What in the livin' hell is that?
  • Leafy: The Martian Tripod has risen in Objectropolis.

Firey and Leafy walks at the middle road and stop walking. They see the Martian Tripod.

The Martian Tripod starts horned.

War of the Worlds 2005 Tom Cruise- First Encounter with Alien
  • Gangsta Object #2: Yo, you gotta be-

Firey attacks the Gangsta Object #2 at the Martian Tripod and keeps on running.

  • Binder: Oh my god! Thank god you guys are here.
  • Firey: No problem, Binder.
  • Leafy: Our pleasure.
  • Binder: I just wanted you to-
  • Martian Tripod: (Charging up Heat ray)
  • Binder: The eye... It's glowing!
  • Firey: It isn't glowing, Binder..
  • Martian Tripod: (Blasted at the bird with Eyed Heat Ray)
  • Binder: OH GOD!
  • Leafy: It found us! Run!

Suitcase backs away from the Tripod. She bumps into Scissors, who is busy shooting the tripod.

  • Suitcase: Scissors, aren't you gonna protect me?
  • Scissors: From what? Being alive? (shoots Suitcase repeatedly, killing her) That'll do you for today.
  • Magnet: Scissors, why are you a SAVAGE?
  • Scissors: Because giant tripod things are attacking. And I want them to die. I kill whoever's too weak to fight the droids with this machine gun. Understand?
  • Magnet: Oh.

Firey and Leafy run away. They meet Gelatin.

  • Gelatin: Woah, woah, woah. Where are you guys going? What's the rush?
  • Firey: This thing's got a heat ray!
  • Leafy: Yeah, you need to get away!
  • Gelatin: That's new. How powerful is that thing?
  • Firey: You don't even want to know.
  • Martian Tripod: (Powering up the heat ray before it's starts attacks)
  • Firey: The Heat Ray...
  • Martian Tripod: (Starts beams at the nameless object with holding camera with Eyed Heat Ray)

The Martian Tripod starts blasting everyone with the Heat-Ray. Everyone starts screaming in panic and running away. The Martian Tripod is beaming many living objects and they explode into gibs, flames, smoke and fire. Firey, Gelatin, Magnet, Scissors, Leafy and start running back and misses numerous beams.

The Martian Tripod starts walking while crushing vehicles and living objects. As the tentacles comes out of the chin and throwing any vehicles to living objects.

Firey, Binder, Gelatin, Magnet, Scissors, Leafy hide behind a building as the Martian Tripod passes by.

Tripod Sound from War of the Worlds 2005 (
  • Firey: Thank god we're safe.
  • Leafy: That was a close one.

Scissors looks behind the building. The Tripod is walking into the distance.

  • Scissors: (whispering) I think it lost us.
  • Magnet: *sigh of relief* Thank lord.

The objects hear a voice.

  • Popsicley: Are they gone?
  • Leafy: Who said that?
  • Baby Bottle, PartyHat and Yarn: The Tripod! Has it left?
  • Firey: Technically.
  • PartyHat: Thank god!

The hiding objects all come out.

  • PartyHat: We've been hiding here for hours.
  • Yarn: At least we are safe.
The Martian Tripod sprays the buildings with the Red Weeds on back of it's waist with a deep horn. 
Sound Effect - War of the worlds
  • Firey: A Red Weeds?
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