Hay is a OC made by BigNumbersFan2


Hay is a happy-go-lucky and kind character who likes rainbows and lucky stuff (hence the fact that she has 7 blocks, and seven is a lucky number!).


  • Changing her shape: Just like numberblocks, she has the ability to rearrange herself, even though she can also rearrange herself back to her normal form. She also can make 3D and separated shapes.
  • Deattaching and reattaching her limbs and/or face: Just like numberblocks, again, she also has the ability to deattach but also reattach either, her limbs, face or even both.


  • She is made of the same material as the Numberblocks.
  • Her eyebrows are always visible.
  • All of the shapes she can make are called Heptominoes.
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