9 Martian Handling Machines walks around the factory.

  • Firey: What are those things?
  • MePad: Have no clue. I'll try to ask that man over there. *walks up to Araxadroid Factory Worker #1* (speaking in Araxadroidian) Greetings...
  • Araxadroid Factory Worker #1: You know I can speak English, right?
  • MePad: Oh. I'm so sorry. What are these machines you have here?
  • Araxadroid Factory Worker #1: Oh, those are Handling Machines. These things help us lift heavy objects. You know, like building construction, military tech, transportation of factory gods, etc. These things are useful.
  • Donut: What the-?! They look like Tripods!
  • Araxadroid Factory Worker #1: I know. I've been trying to tell the government to change how these old buggers look, just so that we can't get confused. But they keep on saying they have the same function! And I thought Tripods were for Oongidroid fighting! But apparently it's not! Say, why does that Handling Machine have a MARZS-30 rocket launcher-

The Handling Machine attacks the factory.

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