Hairclip is a character on Life or Death and is a female member of Dagon Labs.


Hairclip appears to be a black and dark grey metal hairclip. However, her design might get slightly more complicated with faint white lines (this will match her IRL counterpart). She might also be seen with wings.


Being the shy guy of the group, Hairclip is a sweet and generous character who was forced to join Dagon Labs. She wishes to switch to the other team, but doesn't want to let her own team down. She doesn't get along with most of the Dagons, only exception is Rubber Ball who is her best friend.


  • If Car Charger made it into the show, Hairclip wouldn't be the only female of the group.
    • if Car Charger joined, this would also affect both One Stud and HC, One Stud no longer being the only armless.
  • She might be seen with wings, but that was a concept design and most likely wont make it to the show.
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