Gum Bally
Gum Bally




Gum Ball





OC(MDTG): 5th

LOCA: 1st

OC(J28J2): 1st (2nd/3rd Alt)




Episode Eliminated


OC(MDTG): Episode 24

LOCA: Didnt Got Eliminated

OC(J28J2): TBA

LOCA 2: TBA _______________


Magic (BBML) Bubble (BFCK), Match (BFCK), Gold Token ((Love Interest)BFCK, RFVP), Bow (RFVP), Marshmallow (LOCA),


Evil Leafy(BFCK), Gum (RFVP),MD (BFAI), Pipe (IO), Flower (One sided on Flower's side)LOCA)), Bow


Pink and Blue

Gum Bally Labeled, Ditzy Doo. (b. Jan 1, 1999) (Nukri Kiladze's/TheEnderRo's OC, Now owned by Jay28jay2) is the Object OC in Object Comunity. She was designed by  Nukri Kiladze (1st and 2nd design),CCartfulgrl (3rd Design) and Lahirien (4th Design). and is voiced by Nukri Kiladze. Gum Bally's a childish, joyful, eccentric object gum. She works as a "Pear Cook", a job that she is exceptionally skilled. Gum Bally lacks a lot of knowledge and is a constant annoyance to those around him (especially Gum and Moustache), but she is very good natured.


Gum Bally is unbelievably stupid, moronic and somewhat asexual object, as she mostly has no clue about anything and is very enthusiastic and irrelevant at most times. Gum Bally appears to have the power to call upon pears at random times, and uses them with shockingly experienced levels.

Gum Bally is very kind-hearted and innocent, and very rarely acts openly mean to anyone, even her enemies. She is a very selfless and loyal person, especially towards those close to her. Despite his well-meaning intentions, Gum Bally's actions often annoy and cause trouble for those around her, most notably her brother Gum.

Gum Bally's innocence also makes her overly trusting and very gullible, and she is easily manipulated by people who intend to use and/or harm her, such as Gum, Dolly and Moustache; most noticeably, she is always easily fooled by Dolly no matter how bizarre or obvious her disguises are. Even though she's generally good-natured and easygoing, when frustrated and angered, Gum Bally can be sarcastic, rude and 'foul-mouthed' to his friends, even Ribbon. 

Running for Vice President

She makes a cameo in RFVP part 3 invited by Bow. She did not get enough votes to debut in this game with no votes. She makes another cameo in the 6th part talking to Bow about a game app from her PearPad.


Gum Bally, Labeled Ditzy Doo, is a contestant in BFAI her best friend Blueberry and Paper hang out with her.

She wierdly brought a freezer that when a contestant dies they go to the freezer (it never works).

Gum Bally and Everyone

Gum Gum Bally and Gum are arch enemies. Even through they are Sister and Brother. Gum hates Gum Bally because of her personality.


Gum Bally and Sunny are great friends. That's all I have to say.

Double Rainbow

DR and Gum Bally like each other, their hairs, bows and etc. Moustache

Moustache is one of the Gum Bally's best friends. Moustache is getting anoyed very easly from Gum Bally.


Toasty is one of the Gum Bally's best friends. Toasty and Gumbally always help each other.


Gum Bally and Lipstick are both cool at fashion so that's why they are besties.

Omega Symbol

Gum Bally thinks that Omega Symbol is very nice friend because once O.S saved Gum Bally's life.


I don't want to talk about it.


Gum Bally loves Bucket (In a friendly way).


Out of all BFAI characters md is her least favorite contestant, even though their on the same team.

iPad Mini

Gum Bally and iPad Mini are very similar in the fact that they are both extremely hyper.


For some reason, Gum Bally has never liked Pipe. 


As we know, Gum Bally is nice friendly, and pear freak, But in the BFDAI she's the meanest of all. She eliminated everyone's loved contestant Sundae. Then she lied cookie to use his immunity.. And in the elimination 4. She got eliminated because of her attiute.


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