Grow Capsule is a male member of the Life or Death squad.


Grow Capsule appears to be one of those toy capsules that you put in water and grows into a foam creature. His face is on the inner, foam part while his limbs are on the outer plastic part. He also wears braces.


Grow Capsule is a nice, smart guy. He is really good at science an math but not so much in history. He enjoys being good friends with Glow Ring, despite his childish behavior, and Yo-Yo.


  • He might be related to Toy Capsule, but that is just a theory.
  • If he falls in water, the outer plastic part will melt away, allowing for GC's true form to take shape.
    • He doesn't actually have a true form as he is a shape shifter, but it makes it sound smarter.
  • He is often called the nerd of the group.
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