Grey Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Grey Domino, like all the other dominoes that are part of ButterBlaziken230’s Domino series, is a Domino. He is a dark grey domino with even darker spots. The unique thing about him are his eyes. They represent 1930s cartoon eyes, and are similar to those of the character Bendy. He has both arms and legs.


Grey Domino is usually bored, looking for something to do. When he’s not bored, he always informs people about stuff he knows; he’s very smart. He has a good knowledge of the history of ButterBlaziken230’s Object World and is pretty good at Maths, too. Grey Domino, because he is supposed to represent 1930s cartoons, can have exaggerated movements at times.


  • He has one power. That power is the ability to turn things black and corrupt them until they’re shadows.
  • He is probably the least popular domino, since he didn’t get any recognition at the time of his creation, seeing as the two biggest fans of ButterBlaziken230’s OCs were blocked from the wiki for spamming.
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