I'm cute!
~ Green Rocky

Green Rocky is an OC created by Cutiesunflower. He has his own alliance with Cosmic Brownie and Green Ice Cube, but it might expand soon. He also appeared on Race to Reach the Roof Wikia Edition, Object Hawaii, and even Object High.


He appears to be a green colored rock. Originally, his body is more darker green than what he looks like now. In his BFB redesign, he has lighter green colors instead. In his current design, his body no longer looks like Rocky.


He has a nice personality, however, he can be sometimes mean. He hates being sick and avoids really yucky food. Unlike Rocky, he talks really well and is a very good runner. He is always Happy because he is a Rocky Clone, but he can sometimes frown when anything bad happens. Originally, he was considered a silent character and did absolutely nothing, like Rocky from BFDI. Although he is a nice and cute Rocky Clone, he can be stupid and dumb at times due to having no arms and being weak.


Battle for Wish Bush

Green Rocky had a chance to debut in Battle For Wish Bush along with other recommended characters until Battle for Wish Bush was cancelled.

Cutiesunflower Hurt and Heal

He made a appearance in Cutiesunflower Hurt and Heal. He placed 1st out of everyone in this Hurt and Heal.

Lick Your Way to Freedom

Green Rocky was a Recommended Character in that episode.

Random Characters Hurt and Heal

Green Rocky was in all three Random Characters Hurt and Heal seasons. He placed 3rd in the first season, 1st and the winner of the second season, and 15th place in the third season.


In ROTBFDIWP, Green Rocky appears as a recommended character recommended by Cutiesunflower. He had a chance at joining the game, but he got 0 votes making him not join. He didn't appear in BFTWP either.

Object Sun

He will appear in the upcoming object show, Object Sun as a contestant.

Battle To Win The Ultimate Prize

Episode 1: The Beginning

In the song challenge, he got 18/20 being tied with Bubble Wand, and he lost the tiebreaker. He is placed into Bubble Wand's team and he is UFE along with the others.

Episode 2: The first Elimination

He was safe with 1 vote, and for the cake challenge, his cake got a 7/10, but his team lost and he is UFE once again.

Episode 3: Are you Smarter than a box?

He is safe once again, and he didn't get any votes this time. He got 3/5 in his test.

Episode 4: Merge time

Like the last episode, he didn't get any votes, the teams were disabled, and he is tied with 58 points, along with Bubble Wand, and The Computers Brothers of Paine, with one point below Flower Grassy.

Episode 5: There is a POINT of winning

In the fifth episode in the challenge, he placed first out of everyone, getting himself bones, and he has 74 points out of everyone still in the game, and he isn't up for elimination.

Episode 6: Strategy On your mind Through the course

Green Rocky didn't do really good in the obstacle course due to being hit by a dummy without arms. He's still safe from being in the danger zone though.

Episode 7: What a coincidence

Due to his lack of arms, he stomps all of the bugs, but he only got 50 bugs killed, resulting him a failure and a Lose Token, making him be up for elimination.

Episode 8: Swim through or else you will be Drowned

He was eliminated with 2 votes, but due to his Lose Token, his votes went to 4, and he's still eliminated. Inside the TSB, he barfed many times due to his elimination.

Episode 10: Double Digited Elimination

Green Rocky, along with the other contestants who have been eliminated, had a chance at rejoining the show.

Episode 11: Final Challenge,

He got 3 votes, making him get one more than Moneybags, and rejoined the game. He placed 3rd in the challenge due to going into the pit, and he only has beaten Baseball Cap (who got his 3rd Lose Token), he was up for elimination.

Episode 12: Final Elimination

He was safe with only one vote, and he's safe. He's in the final three, along with The Computers Brothers of Paine, and Bubble Wand, and have a chance to win BTWTUP.

Episode 13: Finale

With four votes, he became the winner of BTWTUP and won Cutie Island as a prize, despite being a rejoiner.




  • He is the very first character to be created by Cutiesunflower in the Object Shows Community.
  • He's the main protagonist of the Cutiesunflower Wiki.
  • On April 9th 2017, he has his own alliance when Nemolee.exe said he deserves a alliance because he is nice and awesome.
  • He does not barf at all unless he eats something really poisonous or bad. No way, no how.
  • He is a fan of WarioWare, like the user Enzosmile and Flower Grassy.
  • Green Rocky's confirmed birthday is on September 1st.
  • In Object Fusion, he uses the combination of Rocky and Tennis Ball.
  • Green Rocky doesn't like being called a Booger.
  • He is not a poisoned rock. He is just a rocky clone colored in green.
  • He has a huge alliance.
  • He grows arms just like Taco (II) and Lolman, but he is always armless. He rarely has arms.
  • In Lick Your Way to Freedom, Green Rocky appears as a RC.
    • This makes Green Rocky the first OC by Cutiesunflower to be recommended in BFDI.
  • People can easily mistaken him for a girl.


Names in other Languages

  • piedra verde - Spanish
  • グリーンロッキー - Japanese
  • Groen Rotsachtig - Dutch
  • Gron Rocky - Swedish
  • Verde roccioso - Italian
  • Pedra Verde - Brazilian Portuguese
  • Yeşil Taş - Turkish
  • 녹색 돌이 - Korean
  • Pietrica Verde- Romanian
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