Glow Ring is a male character on the LOD squad.


Glow Ring appears to be a yellow glowstick shaped like a ring/wristband and connected ends by a giant plastic connecter. When he bleeds, he bleeds yellow glow fluid.


Glow Ring is an idiotic and goofy individual. He is also very flirty, especially near Hand Held Mirror. He has a fear of heights which he tries to hide to look cool (when he is really not.) He also likes laser tag.


  • He is the only known character on LOD that we know for a fact can 'bleed'
    • (SPOILER) however, in episode 1, Helicopter says that she could probably bleed motor fluid but that isn't confirmed.
  • He is in Yo-Yo and Grow Capsule's friend group.
  • He has an older brother named Red Ring.
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