Glovey is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Glovey’s green body is in the shape of a glove. His body is rubber, but somehow has his organs inside. At the wrist part of the glove, there is a grey ring. Below this is his legs. On the side of his body is his arms.


Glovey is a classic ‘cool’ character. A lot of girls like him, and he’s very popular. Any threat that comes his way is just laughed off, making it a joke. He’s practically immune to verbal abuse.


In CFOS (Clash For Object Supremacy), Glovey had the idea of auditioning to become a team captain, only to use his popularity because of that to not get eliminated. This plan backfired, as he got the least amount of votes to become a team captain, which was 3. The people who did become team captains were Cherries (who is the team captain of his team) and Spikey Ruler.


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