This will do as the title says, i make it in SVG, and can convert to PNG or JPEG if you want


  1. NO name-brands, change the name to be generic (coca-cola turns to soda etc.)
  2. I cant draw humans well, so be aware that Human characters wont turn out as good.
  3. You can submit posed characters but that makes it harder for me, so assets only please!
  4. Rule 1 is strict
  5. You can submit ANY character (like Naily, Jacknjellify, Globe etc.)
  6. Rule 4 i also strict
  7. Any rule witch says a rule is strict is strict
  8. Rule 7 is strict

The Icons will be on at Voting Icons Dump for free SVG Download.

That's It!! Have Fun!


Diamond- ME

use this ^^^ instead.

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